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  1. it will be white strat knobs as per the original schenkers
  2. getting there... might change the knobs for white and also something else i am finishing up, I hate planet waves tuners when assembling guitars - that is why a string is missing
  3. got the bridge and headpiece on so couldn't resist another pic
  4. well, i have been away from the workshop a few times recently so i tend to take a little carving set and some small chunks of wood. nothing i would want to show off yet but it keeps my hands busy the homebrew is much more successful. bottling my second beer tomorrow and i have gone for my own recipe this time which seems very promising so far. Its a golden single hop beer, just cascade hops (think sierra nevada) with a touch of english thyme from the garden.
  5. Well i moved away from working in schools as well so lost all my holiday time and even have to work 1 in 3 weekends. Now free time is evenings and 2/3 of the weekends, much more valuable as family time. Thankfully she seems to like her musical instruments so we should start to be able to combine these things soon enough. guitar was one of her first words should have a few guitars finishing within the next couple of months, and hopefully even a promotion which will mean more money and no weekend work i am also doing a bit of whittling and am on my second batch of homebrew after a very nice first attempt paint on this one is by mike lennon. took him a while, but he got it spot on right and that is what i care about
  6. well, not been around much lately due to having a toddler and a job that is taking up more time. but i am still building, just at a very slow rate time for an update on this one, its just come back from paint today
  7. its definitely alder, both because of how it looks and the history of the instrument
  8. oddly, the wiring loom from the flood damaged V was in much better shape than the one on my john birch, so after soaking in white spirit for a few days, cleaning all the mud out and then soaking in pot cleaner I have a fully working loom with john birches odd tone wiring. the only downside of this is the V had one less control so currently the one behind the phase switch is a dummy. it would usually be wired for stereo operation but that isnt ever going to be needed so i am contemplating shoving a varitone in there
  9. I have had the john birch les paul minus its original pickups for a few years - one of my main guitars. The owner of the V and I came to an agreement which means i get the pickups and wiring loom from the V. he gets the bridge to go on a JB inspired SG i built him a few years back. he just decided he didnt really need the V and he knows i have been after some pickups for ages we also had some other projects on the go so we negotiated around what he had left to pay me
  10. Well, bit of a rethink on this, has led to me being able to finalise my john birch first impressions of the proper pickups - very good, absolutely silent as far as any noise is concerned. Quite Hi-fi but no harshness - which i was almost expecting
  11. all done and with its new owner
  12. first step done, wasn't sure how this was going to work with the scallops but it was no more difficult. last few times i have done this i have left the frets in and it seems to make the process a bit quicker???
  13. I think he edited it after my post
  14. He said he did in his post you mean i am supposed to read everything people write
  15. I know you are joking, but its the stone not animal and refers to a PRS colour for guitars guitar finish: Stone: animal:
  16. they should stay pretty flush for now but you will notice them over time. it will stop all absorption of the oil in that area and will always end up a bit shinier than the surrounding wood. did you try steaming out the dents first. a dent is compressed wood and can be uncompressed by applying a wet cloth to it and a bit of heat from a soldering iron. this would reduce the amount you have to fill drastically. the problem you may have is that the compressed wood in the dent may want to uncompress itself over time/different humidity conditions anyway - and then it will push the CA upwards. i wouldnt worry about any of this if you dont care about it looking perfect - just be prepared to knock the ca down a bit in a few years when you will probably want to re-oil the neck anyway
  17. well i quite like them, but i tend not to use the stock pickups. this new one is a korina body under the paint so should be a bit different too
  18. I think I am getting a bad name for myself First there was this: constructed from various steinberger/hohner/moses parts Then more recently i took on this conversion twas an old hohner, now a scaled down v that is just about to go off for a schenker style paint job Now i have been sent this for an assembly job it will be getting an old neck with a new fretboard as someone has done a bad scallop job on the existing one. It will get a richlite fretboard with stainless steel frets. clear cavity covers, locking jack socket etc. Should be 3 very striking (not necessarily tasteful) mini V's when all is said and done
  19. Always good to see a steiny - i may as well start a thread for the other one I am doing
  20. nope, colron liquid scratch cover, which seems to be a mix of shellac,wax and a dark stain. I am making a more minty guard for it too, just to see which colour works best
  21. the knobs are some handmade aluminium ones i have had in the parts drawer for a while. seemed to make sense to go on this. iirc they were quite expensive but i never paid for them so all is good. they feel like little pineapples
  22. just an assembly job on this one. Its one of those where the finish didn't quite go right, it crazed quite badly... but it made more sense to go with it than re-do and I am quite happy thats the decision we made
  23. almost* all 12 string electrics use standard 6 string pickups. it works fine. I would avoid high powered pickups, not just because high gain 12 string is an odd concept- but because you have twice as much string movement coming from a 12 string. Low powered pickups always seems to work best on the classic 12 string designs too *i say "almost" because there is the fender electric XII with a different pickup design to most other fenders. but those are not specifically 12 string pickups, leo incorporated the split pickup design on almost all his guitars designed after the stratocaster (With G&L rather than fender)
  24. yeah, post a vid. well i know they sound pretty bad actually, but they do look a lot of fun, and i love the fact it makes you wind your own pickup
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