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  1. keep your fingers the hell away from that band saw blade, might end up with a nasty cut that hurts like hell otherwise...
  2. [img]http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a397/john-b/Picture013.jpg[/img] Got this the other day. Going to add a kill switch between the volume and tone knobs soon.
  3. well having had a rake through my house all i can find is some polyurothane varnish and some old danish oil. Would either of them do?
  4. I think i've got my violin kit ready for finishing. my question is can i go ahead and use any varnish or do i have to use special stuff?
  5. I trace them aswell, but its a bit hard when you don't have anything to trace.
  6. I worked this out last night and it seemed to work for scaling up some pictures, provided they where taken looking straight on at the guitar. First you get something on the guitar that you know is a definite size like the scale length, if its in inches convert it too MM. Then you then measure the scale length on the picture, divide this number into the real scale length and then to get to the real size times any measurement on the picture by the number you just got.
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