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  1. nice one peace mahogany body, not *that* interesting but i liked the look of the grain on it ...
  2. well yes that would be ideal but theres no spare money to buy them so its to the scrap box! with its fine selection of squier and random single coils im sure there should be something that will sound ok...
  3. what do you think? shall reveal the rest of the plan for it once i have had dinner ooook detail: pine body(cause it was spare, as was all the wood infact) 25-1/2" scale length 24 fret maple fretboard, no inlays mahogany set neck martin style truss rod from stewmac TOM bridge with stop tailpiece simple wiring, one volume and jack ..pickups/tuners are undecided spotty fabric from a local fabric shop glued over the top and back, will have fabric round the edges aswell and im looking to get some soft aluminium L section and bend it round the edges. If i do that then i will make a new aluminium scratch plate aswell and its going to get a transparent dark blue or purple finish see how it turns out now i guess
  4. don't leave stuff where other people can get there hands on it cause they will mess with it. Check around with all the people you know at school who play guitar, all the people who would have a reason to be in the place where it was being kept, anyone you suspect of taking it, ask there friends if they have seen it if they have been to there house lately it should show up soon enough ask teachers and cleaners at the school if they have seen anyone with it, if your school have security cameras on at all ask the head teacher to have a look at the tapes to see if it shows up there. it should show up some where but you will get another chance to make a guitar as biliousfrog said you just wait and see. hope its found soon and you can get it finished and play it
  5. laminate neck maybe? flame maple/purple heart/flame maple/mahogany/flame maple/purple heart/flame maple, that would look really nice on it
  6. stunning work man, been watching this come together on your website and its just amazing. Maybe one day when i have the money and my playing is good enough to grace such a work of art i will order something like this from you. hope your new workshop lives up to your expectations and you have many many years of creating these wonderful guitars in it, can't wait to see the next one you finish up...
  7. or resses it into the guitar saving a hole heap of trouble angling the neck and keeping it the same height as a normal strat bridge so it feels sorta the same. Looks good either way
  8. ive never played slide really. just out of curiousisty that you mention it, i grabbed an old glass pop bottle to see haha. i suspect if i had a higher nut it would be pretty cool for slide actually the danelectro original that its based is amazing to play with a slide liking the idea for a the second one, but then i have a thing for these old danelectro style guitars
  9. Looks cool. How is it for playing with a slide?
  10. sorry to see that really like this guitar. Hope you get it fixed up soon, if i had the money i would buy it off you...
  11. keep your fingers the hell away from that band saw blade, might end up with a nasty cut that hurts like hell otherwise...
  12. another Scottish person, welcome i like it, would like it more if that flag wasn't everywhere round here lol could sell them here, sure tourists would buy them
  13. Will you be starting a new one of the same design Dave?
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