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  1. I ended up using some slickJR p90's. The guitar sounds great. A combination of walnut body and neck with the p90's has some serious punch. This is my first hand rubbed oil finish and I really love the feel of it. Thanks again for the kind words.
  2. Finally got this one finished. Here are a few pics of the finished product. It sounds killer! Thanks to all those who have followed this build and offered kind words throughout the progress.
  3. Clear on and last costs of hand rubbed oil on..... Now to just be patient for a few weeks before wetsanding and polishing.
  4. Gold paint going on. I decided to go matching headstock. I finished up the paint, then scraped the bindings. There are a couple light coats of clear on the gold. I plan to retape and start clearing the top next. I also test fit the decal......lookin' good!
  5. I got around to fretting the neck. I also put several coats of danish oil on the body back, sides and neck. I do t have a pic but I got the pickguard cut, beveled, and ready. Next step is gold top paint for the body.
  6. Starting to look like a guitar. neck bolted, bridge set, furruls set, toggle installed. here are pics with a paper template for the pickguard.
  7. No I don't have the p90's yet. What pickups did you get in my area?
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