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  1. I think that you will see a lot more fingerprints on this fine instrument from here on out Splendid work my friend.
  2. She was stunning as a blond but WOW! Love the burst.
  3. Very clean and clever work. I like Scott's thought of using aluminum for the side pieces. It machines easily with woodworking tools and could have openings machined in it to allow clearance for the bit in the event of too much skew. . . . Your designs always inspire me to go out and build something.
  4. I am just getting back to the point of being able to brew beer and work on guitars again. 2015 was not a good year for me. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer at the end of January 2015 and I became her full time caregiver on top of my own job and life. She passed away almost one year to the day after her diagnosis and I just finally had a memorial service for her last weekend. I built her an urn which took a little while and have been playing catch up with the rest of my life since she passed. I am hoping to get back to normal soon. That half finished Les Paul has been collecting a lot of dust but will be coming back out to be finished soon enough. It is strange how everyone is starting to think of making acoustics or archtops lately as that has been on my mind as well. I even managed to cobble together a homemade side bender while practicing my hand tool skills prior to building my mothers urn.
  5. Sure, a guy goes away for a while and comes back to see Scott is back at being awesome again. This is looking really nice. I would love to attempt one myself but need to get a few builds under my belt first. With your skill and experience at carving I would love to see you tackle a violin or just do a very elaborate archtop. Regardless of what you build I will gladly follow along as long as you are willing to post your progress.
  6. Looking forward to more progress. Always love your projects. I have not been around much recently and really miss it...I have some ideas in mind for some projects of my own but always learn from yours.
  7. If you can get the olive wood thicknessed to an approximate size, a card scraper should be able to handle that wild grain without tearout.
  8. Always love following your builds. Looking forward to seeing more.
  9. I will be watching this eagerly. That fretboard looks amazing now, I can't wait to see it with the flame maple binding.
  10. I have both a table saw and a band saw. Actually I have a lot of da*m saws. If you are going strictly luthiery I would push you towards the band saw. If you are doing general woodworking, the tablesaw is probably a better investment. I bought this saw from Grizzly last fall and am pretty happy with it: http://www.grizzly.com/products/14-Deluxe-Bandsaw-Anniversary-Edition/G0555LANV They normally have 20%off coupon codes, if you can not find a code, check out lumberjocks.com and they sometimes share them.
  11. This was quite possibly the hardest decision I have had to make on the GOTM. Both guitars are outstanding.
  12. Well 2 layers so far. I am installing paua abalone purfling later this week. Just waiting on delivery.
  13. Wow. Been a whole year since I have updated this thread. This project had to be put on hold for awhile but hoping to get back on track with it. This weekend I was able to route for binding and install as well. Purfling is on order and I am hoping to get it installed before the end of the week.
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