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  1. Here is an update on the semi-hollowbody build that I recently posted on the Not So f-holes thread. It is a chambered ash body with a 1/4 in maple cap/top. Let me know what you think. I have a bit of a problem though. I did not solder a wire to the post stud before I hammered it into the body because I have stacked p90's that cancel hum, but now I'm thinking that I need a string ground for undesired noise. Based on the pictures what do you guys think I should do to ground the strings? https://lh4.googleus...0/photo (1).JPG https://lh3.googleus.../s714/photo.JPG
  2. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-YB12kFVxVRI/USAKr3OqlCI/AAAAAAAADco/GVf4mxu32qc/w795-h804-p-o-k/2013-02-16 Here's number 2 same wood as number 3
  3. I def still want in. I've gotten a lot better at templates myself. But learning from a master is always a plus. I've also picked up a bandsaw, jointer, planer, router, and drill press. The build above is number 3, poplar body being number one.
  4. Yes yes I remember the first day I met you and Todd at his house down the road from mine. I had butchered a piece of poplar with a very blunt chisel. I have since adopted the scary sharp method and have since cut myself many times lol. Invaluable instruction. I think a chip carving knive would help with this work as the blade is strong and can be sharpened easier than a scalpel but I find the task a bit daunting as that I have never used a strop. Any experience to share?
  5. I've been inspired by the work of Chris Verhoven and David Myka, especially in the semi hollowbody realm. My current build is a chambered ash body and a 1/4 in maple cap. I've been trying to cut the f holes in the maple, but the sharp corners are proving to be extremely difficult. How have others done something like this in the past to achieve uniform, smooth, and sharp looking results? This was extremely hard and I'm not very proud of it. https://lh6.googleus...-p-k/2013-02-12
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