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  1. I didn't install for the reasons Listed. Sorry you won't find me using it or recommending it. Yeah, you're right. I should've been on the up and up from the get go that if you don't have Unity installed yet, Guitar Tuna's going to need it. The platform itself is, like Prostetha said, above board, but unless you know what it is, suddenly being asked to install something you don't know what it is is off-putting, especially since it asks permission to use the camera. I can understand the need for the mic, for obvious reasons, but the camera? To be honest, that would make me nervous, too, eve
  2. My fellow musicians! The Chord Genome Project is not the only thing we're doing. You see, we strongly believe that a finely tuned guitar is an object of divine beauty, so we went ahead and created GuitarTuna, a guitar tuner that anyone can use anywhere at any time. And yeah, it's also very much free to use – no ads, no popups, no strings attached (and no pun intended.) How GuitarTuna works is that it uses your computer's or phone's microphone to listen to the notes you're playing. Pluck a string and our swanky software shows you whether to tighten or loosen the screw. Soon, a perfect tap
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