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  1. Allo! The tenon goes right to the back of the neck pickup cavity. I do all my guitars like this. This thing plays way easier htan i expected though - 30 inch scale was really easy to adjust to. I go to www.exotic-woods.com - they're located within a 40 minute drive of me, but they ship worldwide and have TONS of roasted woods (figured roasted maple, roasted maple, roasted birdseye maple, roasted ash) I specifically get the flooring grade ones because they're already surfaced on all sides, 3.5 inches wide, one inch thick and flatsawn. When you cut them up for laminates, you get a perf
  2. That they are. I ran out of gold ones doing a customer guitar and didn't feel like waiting for another set of them for my own. I had a pile of chrome ones so i just used those. The graphtech nut is awesome. I ordered the slab blank they offer and cut it as they dont' offer 8 string ones yet.
  3. Allo! I first started posting pics here a LONG time ago with an 8 string guitar that I built. At the time, there were no production 8 string guitars and the only way i could get one is to get it custom done or do it myself. It turned out....ehhh. I didn't really know much about scale lengths required to accomodate an 8 string's low F#. Fast forward to today - I built the 8 string that I was supposed to have YEARS ago. I couldn't be happier. 30 Inch scale 25 frets, 12 - 25 scalloped zirocote fretboard swamp ash body and headstock figured roasted maple and purpleheart neck Hip
  4. Yep - the top of the gutiar hides the notch in the back. The little control cavity is for the output jack like on an RG.
  5. Sorcery! I took a close look at a high res version and it's there, just not easily seen from that angle and lighting.
  6. I started this one a while ago, but its a personal guitar for me so it doesn't get enough attention. Originally started as this render: And now we're here - i've since installed the tuners and i'm just waiting on the 8 string bridge. Pickups will be 8 string bareknuckle Nailbombs with gold poles.
  7. All the tuners i use are the Hipshot ultralights - these 3 have a decent balance with no neck dive, but i had a client order a black limba body with a ash top in with the super thin body style i have (1.25 inches thick) witha maple neck and a reverse inline headstock. Kinda worried about the diving. The Saber is pretty much my favorite guitar of all time. I almost got picked up the one particular model I've been after for years - HSS equipped, jet black with a low pro edge. Eventually i'll start getting Floyd guitars happening, but right now it's just these guys.
  8. Hi guys! The BK's oddly came with the poles on the neck humbucker closer to the bridge. I asked BK - they said thats how they're supposed to be....very strange. Pros - thanks for hooking me up on that account! This ash is pretty heavy, but since i use really thin bodies, it ends up being a pretty lightweight guitar. I don't have any soundclips of the guitars right now as I dont' even have a recording setup. I think the last time I sat down to actually PLAY a guitar has been over a year now. I should have another 3 or 4 guitars up for pics within the next 3 weeks. Need to ord
  9. I'm really in love with that ash - unfortuantely teh supplier has run out and I've only got 3 more blanks of it. It's so nice. With the BK - i asked them about it as the poles were from what I could tell on the wrong side, but they're saying it's all good like that. Pan - yep - it's a nice cut of cocobolo. I've got about 100 board feet of cocobolo at my place now with varying amounts of sapwood and heartwood. I love the stuff.
  10. Thanks! The BK's line up perfectly on that build. They sound super clear though - really impressed with all the BK's i've received to date.
  11. 6 string Figured european ash body figured roasted maple neck with rosewood stringers ebony fretboard 26 inch scale, 25 frets, 12-25 scalloped asymettrical neck carve with offset heel Nordstrand humbuckers
  12. 6 string figured european ash body and headstock figured roasted maple neck with purpleheart stringers cocobolo fretboard Bareknuckle Cold Sweat pickups 26 inch scale, 25 frets, 12-25 scalloped Asymettrical neck carve with offset heel
  13. I tried to get my old account working but it's tied to an email address that I dont' have anymore so i couldn't reset the password. Anyways! Here's what I've been doing in the last few months! 7 string figured european ash body and headstock cover figured roasted maple neck with zirocote stringers zirocote fretboard 25 frets, 26 inch scale half scallops from 12-25 Nordstrand pickups Hipshot hardware Asymettrical neck carve with offset heel
  14. Figured I'll make my first dive into the GoTM competition. Zebrawood 3/4 inch cap on a quartersawn mahogany/birdseye maple back. The neck is padouk with a figured maple fretboard in a 25 inch scale. The cavity cover is a piece of mun ebony - nice and strong and won't split under screw pressure. The hardware is all hipshot - locking tuners and their floating ball bearing trem. Pickups are an EMG 81-7 and 707. I'm just calling this one "Redcap" because of the padouk headstock and the crazy body. Neck Joint - notice the ribbons in the mahogany! Close up shot of the bac
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