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  1. Andy, Do you sell any of those maple necks, and do you have somewhat of a schematic for the Donnie art work? I love those Donnie's and just recently purchased a bare naked Ibanez JS1000 body, I'm on the fence with the swirling technique. Again really nice axes you have! Sincerely, David
  2. REALLY NICE! I'll send you my JS1000 BODY
  3. No, but i'm going to do some test runs prior to swirling my guitar, and i'm thinking of some picture frames.
  4. Really nice job on the swirl! One of the best I've seen. How much Borax to water ratio was used, and did you regulate the water temp around 75 and 80 degrees F. For some reason i've read that's pretty important to nail down. Nice job once again Sincerely, Booms
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