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  1. I have looked for the "sustainer tutorial" and can't locate it. Could it have been removed for being so old?? Thx, Kev
  2. I know this is an old thread. but I just came across this information when searching the big www for some sustainer information. I have read alot of what PSW has done. Awesome work to say the least! It was my understnding that placing the sustainer in the middle position didn't gain the best resaults. I actually got reengerized in the subject when I saw a guy make a sustainer coil that he fitted and added to the 24th fret position on the neck of his guitar. The guy was super secretive about the makeup of the coil and wouldn't give up anything on the circuit he made to drive his sustainer. In fact in the videos he made on youtube he starts all his info with stating he won't give any info on his circuit. I'm hoping to learn more through this forum so I can gbuild my own. Kev
  3. Welcome to the Project Guitar Forum, Stringbreaker64 :-)

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