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  1. That's a mess of beautiful guitars RAD, but that last one looks like something real special What kind of oil are you using for a finish on those?
  2. Congrats on the GOTM win Scott... well deserved!
  3. Yes very creative man... looking forward to seeing this one play out. I hope you post a little more often now
  4. Love the cocobolo on the knife, but "Not the Mama" put it to shame man NNNNNOT THE MAMA!!!! Talking dinosaurs
  5. She turned out really sweet man... That carve is very original and pretty ballsy really. The nitro really made the back come alive also. I see you carved so much on the back her crack is showing Beautiful guitar you've made Scott!!!
  6. As long as the end results look like they should I don't see a problem with it at all. As Scott and RAD say, it's just another tool...
  7. Oh wow man that bandsaw is wild... I can honestly say the thought of a wooden bandsaw has never crossed my mind
  8. If I play just about anything other than an old Wizard profile my hand cramps up in no time at all. The wide flat area on back of the neck fits my problems as good as it gets....
  9. HAHA Thirty years... that's about right, thanks for the reminder Even though it's been a few years since the OP.... Good luck man!!!
  10. Very cool Scott... I really like what you did with the controls area, never seen anything like it before very nice! I hope some day I can be as good a crafter as you
  11. Hey Scott... Just got through #3, #4, and now this thread, learning so much my brain hurts man! Tons of great info and some beautiful guitars. Thanks for putting it all out there! Looking forward to seeing the carve on this one
  12. I really like the laminated top... that line between the red top and natural back is very sharp. With all the self defeating coments I thought that the end result was going to be a hack job, but they are very nice looking guitars
  13. Great thread and I thank you for all the pictures, I'm just starting out with the guitar building and I've learned a lot from this thread!!! Looking forward to some more updates
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