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  1. Typically after you apply blush remover, the foundation and mascara will come off with ease.
  2. And use some bacon on the fretboard to add extra shine and resonance!
  3. Hi. Maybe you have one lying in your electronic bucket of parts by the ol' workbench? Need to find a Gibson HB-R pickup to replace an OEM one on a friend's Gibson. This is an 80's pickup and was stock on many Les Pauls, Customs etc. You can PM me or better yet, email me at: benjamin . (dot) escobedo @(at) gmail.com It doesn't have to be in pristine condition or anything, just works. These pickups really aren't anything special, its just one of those things that is good to have in case you want to sell the guitar as 100% original OEM. Thanks!
  4. Look for a Gibson "The Paul II" made around 96-97 which can readily be had for about 300-800 bucks. Its like a LP studio, but has a little tummy cut and thinner body. All mahogany. Great axe. Tokais are awesome as well. Great for the 500 or so price range. PRS Tremonti SE (gut the hardware and electronics, locking tuners, intonatable bridge etc) great guitar. On all these guitars you will want to replace the pickups and perhaps the tuners.
  5. I agree that guitar is really awesome. The finish on both the mahogany and maple is really awesome! My only critique would be the non matching hardware (gold bridge/knobs) vs (chrome tuning pegs)....are there any plans to go all gold or all chrome?
  6. Thanks Soapbar! I thought thats how they were used when the notch is in there! I am gonna try and to a quick tutorial really soon with pictures etc. Typically if you need button cell batteries, Egay is the best place to purchase them in bulk. I have a friend who's young son has a lot of toys that take the button cells, and online is the way to go. Thanks again for the silver oxide tip!
  7. Did you use a template for the body/carve? I am really impressed with your work and am thinking about building a similar type of guitar!
  8. Hello. I think I am somewhat of an authority on this subject as I own both a Ibanez SZ520QM and a Korean PRS Tremonti SE. Hands down the Tremonti SE is perhaps one of my all time favorite guitars. PRS SE all the way. Of course I had to mod it a little to my liking. I have the black version. Creed is really not what I try to represent whatsover so I sanded the headstock down and painted it with black lacquer and placed my own decal under the clearcoat. People ask me all the time "what kind of guitar is that".... Decal removal (f*** creed) Locking sperzel tuners Seymour Duncans (JB
  9. LOL...! I had a quick question, if anyone could help. On the Stew-Mac calipers, they have that end with the notch in it to measure fret height as installed on the fret board. Since the notch must travel inward (towards the digital unit)..it must be ground shorter. Therefore my question is, when you use that end, do you have to "zero" out the calipers on a hard flat surface in order to measure fret height. I think the answer is yes, but was wondering if you guys knew the answer. Once this mod is done it makes it a bit more cumbersome to measure depth of holes, as you have to zero ou
  10. I tell ya. I used spray on truckbed liner on my Beheringer FCB1010 pedal board and its killer. I wasn't really happy with the wussy look of the silver paint job...so I sprayed her down. Just took off all the switches, buttons etc...and sprayed the chassis. Now its black with black buttons...really rugged and works excellent. That combined with a phantom power mod..and I am ready to rock.
  11. Eck whatever. Just tryin' to save some bucks, and help others do the same. I'm no luthier- just a regular guy tired of getting raped at the repair shop for things I know I can do myself. Nuts, frets etc. I don't get why everyone is so defensive regarding Stew Mac's tools. I am willing to put in extra time, so I can afford to modify some inexpensive tools to save money I really don't have. If I was a world class luthier it would be different, hell..I could write them off as business expenses. But I am not. Not even close. For the limited amount of uses I will get out of a fret pres
  12. Wow. I do believe you just contradicted yourself when you said: So if the StewMac is a "knockoff," and not as good as a Mitutoyo..why pay the huge price difference? Durrt. Perhaps if it was a true Mitutoyo then it would be worth the price? Then you followed up by If you RTFA you would know that the reviewer still uses his original HF calipers, and liked them so much that he bought a second pair. I guess more power to me and I should "suit my myself" I agree with you that a lot of the Harbor Freight tools are cheap knockoffs, but in this instance we are not
  13. And I have played some $300 "Gibsons" that were %xxxx cheaper than the real thing and you know what...they played better! Tokai etc.... So I guess I'm never shopping at (insert dumb comment here) again! Perry, its okay that you spent too much on your Stew Mac calipers..i can see you are really upset about it.
  14. I can't believe how many posts that have been generated over my original post on how similar the Stew Mac calipers are to the ones at Harbor Freight! This was intended as a comparison. If you want to pay full Stew Mac retail (or already did) than go for it...for the rest of us we will save 200%. I can't stop ya! Digital calipers work without a rack and pinion type of setup. They utilize magnets and a sensor. 99% of the time that regular dial calipers fail is caused by debris in the rack. The little pinion then either gets jammed, or skips a tooth (resulting in a faulty reading).
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