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  1. Not like there's a lack of lifting regimens out there... But Wes, do tell, more details on your system. I'm good to start moving some lead again and was looking for some reasonable protocol to use.
  2. Paul Gilbert, OOTH, is looking quite sharp these days! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_HeVyc5-GY
  3. Anybody seen Jake E. Lee lately? Looks like shite. Is he trying to pull off the homeless from Seattle look? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c708CUvesn4
  4. My cardio rehab joint shut down until further notice due to take a damn guess... So now I'm on Facebook Marketplace looking for an inexpensive yet worthy yet used exercise bike. And now I can lift weights and not get shit for it. Wait till that joint re-opens and I return all pumped...HA!
  5. That looks more like whiskey than tequila. Kinda... Is there any left?
  6. File this in the 'where have they been' folder based on Wes' 'Everyone around me is dying' thing... Around Christmas, I thought someone I worked with had given me pneumonia, I couldn't breathe right. Wellsir...long story short version, Feb. 4th, I went under the knife for quadruple bypass open heart surgery. Two more months, max, and I would have just fallen over dead one day. Everything has gone exceedingly well, I feel great now, surpassing all expectations. Already starting to cardio workout again, and I started lifting again until I got freaked on by one of the nur
  7. Late replies, apologies! Thanks for the very nice words everyone. The Iommi Machine really needs to be heard to be believed. The pickups are the Mini-HB version of the Bill Lawrence L-500 HB's from the late '70's Joliet, Tn run. Think Dimebag, and you have thought correct. The thing is brutally loud but not sterile. The mini-hums are pretty much exactly the same as the full-size versions, just in a different format. I use it (and it was primarily designed for) downtuned material. The Lawrences are nearly like active's, but better, to me. Herbsman
  8. Finished a few guitars this year. JamaicaCaster - Pore-Filled Oak top over Cherry Body Autumn Leaves - Quilted Maple over Mahogany The Iommi Machine - Myrtle Burl over Maple The Devil's Right Hand - Bubinga over Walnut 1967 Ovation Thunderhead Total Restoration JamaicaCaster Autumn Leaves The Iommi Machine The Devil's Right Hand 1967 Ovation Thunderhead Before-After
  9. Use an airbrush. Keep the mix Really thin, 70% thinner, 30% product (whatever finish you're using) Test your mix to be sure you have Enough Color mixed in from the start. If your color is weak and you have to shoot multiple coats to get your color, you're unnecessarily building product. And using 70% thinner, it'll start to run if you overdo it and ruin Everything. You don't want that. You don't want mistakes. You want to keep that airbrush moving, your mix is very thin. Practice all these steps on a scrap piece first. Spray it white first just like your piec
  10. I actually go the other way. If it's bare wood, I will usually default to water-based first. It may just be my imagination, but I think waterbased dyes give what I call 'Comic Book Colors', very bright and colorful. Alcohol to me gives a more subdued, not quite as in-your-face look. Both are right, waterbased gives more color (to me) but will raise the grain. Alcohol doesn't raise the grain but gives a slightly different, more subdued look (to me).
  11. I've never liked it when I've seen people do irregulated (my word) rear covers, just my personal opinion. I always looked at it as cheating or taking the easy way out. Basically lameness charading as coolness. But it always looks cheesy and fake and trying too hard to be cool to me. I always cut the piece (rear cover) out first, save it, shape it, and then bring it back in at the end. I always liked that look and forethought. But you sir, have taken rear covers to HIGH ART status. The back of that guitar says a million times more about your artistic abilities
  12. Yep. Fuckers. I'm too lazy at this point to upload everything to Imgur. I was searching for info on a Floyd install, saw a good link, clicked on it, and it brought me here. To my Own (old) post. Hilarious. Like I reached back in time and grabbed myself.
  13. Photobucket swallowed him whole. He is in the belly of the beast now. I've been on The Gear Page the whole time. Figured I'd drop you losers, buy a nice Hawaiian shirt and hang out with the classy bastids.
  14. Who are you people? Is this a bad dream I'm having?
  15. I was researching something on a Floyd installation on Google just now. As it's been years since I did one. And there was a link that looked informative, so I clicked on it. It happened that it was one of my own posts here . So I logged in for the helluvit and saw a notification or two. Hiya Guys!
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