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  1. Drak

    wiring fail

    If you want help with electronics, it would certainly help if you posted pics of the electronics. Especially the back of the toggle switch, the connections there, I want to see that. The cavity too.
  2. I did a Keto-based eating regime for 2.5 years. Never farted once, ever, during that period. So I surmised...you can't fart fat.
  3. I don't forsee any issues, I say do it. Although I agree with shellac sticking to everything and being a good interlocutor...I also see it as an additional 3rd finish with its own separate characteristics and concerns. And adding products always adds some sort of associated risk and complexity, so I avoid that whenever possible. In finishing, I do not believe in the saying 'the more the merrier' as far as products go. I like keeping things simple, real simple, products-wise. So unless the shellac was a necessity, I wouldn't use it. I would instead probably make a very clean and tigh
  4. Yes, all you extrapolated on there are varying shades of brown. It's nice to give the 'Cowboy Sunset' palette of reds/yellows/browns a break now and then.
  5. OK, so I did a mockup. Except for the two black knobs, this is all the actual hardware that will be used. I only had 3 gold knobs in the knob drawer to work with for the mockup. I included one of the older pics so you can see the difference between the clearcoat Spruce and the Pecan Burst it has now. Shooting that light Pecan burst really paid off, so thanks @komodo. Also I tried a 3x3 as well as the angled Koa headstock. This thing is turning into a far more 'Jam-Band' guitar than I ever imagined it would be when I did the initial build back in 2011. Like, WAY more. I
  6. Thanks for the kind words! Another hard left turn. Decided to ditch the pointy headstock neck and go with a 3x3. So now on to making another Koa headstock overlay and spraying the new neck to match the Pecan Brown. A 3x3 simply fits the 'Jam-band' build template better than the present one did, as I kind of knew all along.
  7. So here are the updates and the new look. This thing looks completely Jam-Band approved now, absolutely dead-on (pun totally intended) what the goal was at the beginning, tho things changed. So with the two pieces of Koa, the headstock and rear cover, I needed a third, and central, piece, to tie everything in. And, now that I have decided pickups (Lawrence L-560's) and electronics selections (EMG active, like most of my older Steerheads)... I decided I didn't need the middle pickup anymore, but I did absolutely need a 'pickguard' to 'draw in' the rest of the Koa pieces.
  8. Many moons ago, (20, 30 years ago) there was some sort of women's religious 'thing' sitting at a busy intersection in a nearby town. Women's Catholic monastary maybe? I don't know, it was a long time ago. But right at the corner of the intersection there was a tall tree sitting beside the place, 50 ft. about. They hired some company to do a 'tree-art' carve thing to it, exactly what you're doing on a much larger scale. It was a full-on tree carve, from top to bottom. The progress was slow, months and months, as it slowly took form and shape. Finally everyone could
  9. Link-1 Link-2 Link-3 ...I could easily find and post more, if you like .
  10. Well, I will leave you with this as a brain-teaser. And no, this mustache bridge is not going on the guitar, that's why it's a brain-teaser! This is a bridge from an old 60's Framus (I think) acoustic I bought ages ago and stripped it of its parts. It had an influence on what's coming up tho, yes it did.
  11. Oh, I think I can do better that now. OK, lets get caught up a little. This build literally just exploded hard left right in front of me. Very unexpected and unplanned, but allowing things to 'happen' is part of the fun. And indeed things 'happened', so follow the bouncing ball. So...what I did next was to choose a headstock cap. I really sweated this one for a bit. I have dozens on top of dozens of cutoff pieces from all kinds of spectacular wood I've worked over the years. So I started by ruling out a lot of pieces that I didn't think gelled well. No Rosewoods, no figured Maples, n
  12. I've made my own custom pickguards before. The material is completely up to you. I'm making a custom wooden one right now AAMOF. The one I'm doing now is a one-off, and I'll bevel the edges myself. But when I did this one, I made a router template for it which performs a very important double-duty function: 1. The shape for a pattern cutting bit on the router when sat on top of the material 2. The necessary depth to use a 45 degree edge bevel router bit to give the pickguard a beveled edge when the template is sat underneath the material.
  13. This thing has taken a severe hard left turn all the sudden. Very unexpected turn of events in the past 48 hours. All prior plans have nearly completely changed, further details to come.
  14. Why do I find that completely not surprising?
  15. Need more information to fill the holes in my imagination.
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