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  1. Ha! I guess if you want to call it a burnt look, OK with me. I find that funny as I have looked into how to actually do a fo-real burnt job with a propane torch. This is just black lacquer sanded back ala a typical relic process. But, I'll take the compliments any way they come, and thanks back.
  2. Thank you, Scott. Me too, really. I think I pulled that off to look pretty 'rustic cowboy realistic' and not super-faked. If I tried to do it again I can't think of anything else I'd try to do to it or change, it hits the mark pretty well. Of course that's my favorite part, haha, its always all about the steerhead in my world! To be honest, you can't ask for much more than that, to come up with a theme and then find a way to morph that theme into your own theme. I call that a win. ...It gets better tho.
  3. So, onward. The neck I decided to use is a Mahogany/Rosewood neck. Again, breaking the 'biblical Roy/Nancy rule' of having to use a Maple neck for authenticity. I have three Maple necks already done, fully assembled, even Plek'd. They've all been on other guitars before and are ready to go. Nope, I didn't like it. It removed the 'dark, ominous' theme I was shooting for. So I ran into a problem of the sanded Mahogany body not matching the look of the Mahogany headstock close enough for my liking. They looked too dissimilar. The headstock was a very rich and deep Mahogany, and the body seem
  4. So, I've never been a relic fan, never even found it interesting. But I've done the mega-burst thing so long, I think I was looking for something different to do. Everything becomes standard and boring after awhile, no matter how good you are at it. I look at this as a distressed finish, because for many reasons it doesn't follow any standard relic guidelines. Although at a casual glance I would think that's what would come to mind. But it breaks many relic 'rules of the road'. And, as with anything guitar building, you have to just keep putting the foot forward, see what happens, and adj
  5. And so the transformation begins. Nevermind the square HB mark, it was just an idea. The goal here, as you will begin to see formulate, was to borrow ideas from the relic world, but to also break all of their rules at the same time. That's why I shot the pic showing the grain so much, I wanted to preserve as much of the grain as I could. I didn't get to preserve as much as I would have liked, but the effect is there.
  6. Just thought I'd add this in before things go dark. I did a front roundover using a 15" speaker as the guide. The top is 1/2" Mahogany so I shaved it down right to the edge.
  7. OK, so what exactly is 'a Nancy'? For most people, it's some version or rendition of Roy Buchanan's beat-up 1953 naturally relic'd Butterscotch Blackplate Telecaster. Most people who build a 'Nancy' wind up with either a relic'd copy or (more usually) a very pretty version of that scenario. Which isn't really real. So the real 'thing' about Nancy was the sound. A damaged bridge pickup with a very 'AM Radio' sound that lacked most of it's bass. Don Mare chased it down for years and what he finally wound up with was using a .0033uF cap in series with the bridge pickup. Y
  8. Well, for anyone who knows me, a LOT can happen as my builds progress. Sometimes too much for the faint-of-heart. So this one's far enough down the track that I'm reasonably confident I won't cause heart failure amongst the more tender hearted. It's about 95% done, but you know...anything can happen. So, this one has some history behind it, a story. What would a Cowboy Sunset guitar be without a story to go with it? And how would the name Moonshadow be aligned with Cowboy Sunsets? Well, what comes after sunset? Duh... Darkness, that's what. And in Cowboy Country, darkn
  9. Mme. Boebert, Colorado rep., the one in the middle. She's one of the reps that walked around the magnetos in Congress, always packin' heat. Cuz, ...you know how necessary it is to be armed on the floors of Congress, right? Such adult maturity, ...makes me blush some days... There is no policy anymore, its all about the show, the drama, the attention, the t-n-a (if applicable) and Twitter hits anymore. Government isn't about representation anymore, its about entertainment. I seem to remember a quote from Roger Stone that went along the lines of: 'Politics are
  10. No, he won't. Another right-wingnut, Lauren Boebert, demanded the White House do the same, fly flags at half-mast in honor of Rush. They declined, which, I guess, gives her a new personal grievance...because...you know...she's entitled.
  11. Oh, they have better and easier ways than that to fuck with people's heads. This original instruction actually DID come from the US government! "A Florida official has instructed her staff to ignore instructions from Gov. Ron DeSantis to fly flags in the state at half-staff to honor the conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh," You can't make this stuff up...
  12. I would want a bit more detail about the maple top before giving you recommendations. What look are you shooting for? Can you find a pic on the web of something close and post it here? About pore-fill. Not trying to confuse the issue early on, but you can do it two ways: IF you Really like the natural color of your Mahogany as-is, you can lay down a thinned poly coat first to lock it in. Then do your pore filler, then go back to poly. That first thinned coat 'locks in' the very nature of your Mahogany so the pore-filler doesn't affect it. And only
  13. Yes, by all means do not try to dunk the entire pickup, I see complete dead-fail in all caps with that. Removing the cover, two typical methods: Dremel tool with a cutter wheel (total PITA if you ask me, I've tried it and didn't care for it, tho it does work) And heating it up with a soldering iron, which is what I prefer to do. But, you need a reasonably powerful soldering iron and set it all the way to maximum caliente (hot). There's so much metal there, it all acts as a heat absorber and sucks the heat from your iron away from the joint. So its gotta be REALLY
  14. So you got me thinking about my own words last night. If I were to build an 'Eddie' in the way I described 'I do', how would I do it? And I came up with an 'Eddie-fied' version of this grain-filled theme, this is a Red Oak body, w/ big pores. What I would do is do the body red (instead of black, of course) Then add black and white stripes in similar patterns to his taped off thang. But the colors would only show on the grain pattern, sort of like I did here, get it? So it would absolutely 'incite the spirit' of Ed, any VH fan would recognize the color scheme and p
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