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  1. I don't know where you live, but if you have any guitar repair shops around, make an appointment for an estimate. Estimates are (usually) free, and you can find out what the true assessment is for the guitar. Right now, you're just guessing at it. We can play the guessing game all day long and just go 'round in circles. Take it to someone who professionally repairs guitars and gets paid for it to give you a real-time analysis of what you have. If the guitar is as valuable as you think it is, they'll tell you what it needs. If you want to do it yourself, you'll at least
  2. It's not a solid Spruce top, it's a Plywood top from what I can see. The top ply came off with the bridge and you're seeing the next ply under it. The plys in plywood always run cross-grain to each other, that's what gives it its strength. Most budget acoustics use Plywood, its nothing unusual. You only get real solid Spruce when you get into the upper price brackets.
  3. I still love you <hugs> Some of us are just naturally attracted to jailbirds and bad boys. I'll have a quick look 'round the kitchen to see if I can find you a shiv, might come in handy.
  4. I would most definitely try the muriatic acid on a scrap piece first, of course. That will tell you everything you need to know about how long it will take and whether the finished look is something you like or not. Looks great so far! I used to own several of those old '60's semi-hollow jobs, Mine were Japanese Matsumoku's, but basically the same thing. What they did was to take a little piece of wood, about 1" x 2", and literally stick it right under the bridge area for support. I'm not sure if it was glued in or not, but the three I had I could pull them all out by
  5. @Bizman62 I totally trolled you (since you called me a troll, I felt rather justified) And you fell for it faster than a juicy steak presented to a man dying of starvation. The rat squarely sequestered in the cage. (I actually love rats, used to keep them for years) You just got double-dwarfed, my good man. We all know no one needs to see any more spandex pics, there was even a warning about it as I recall. So, there is progress. I actually like the expanded black section that now meets the red with no white gaps. That in itself I like better, so that's a
  6. Thanks Biz. I agree with the lighthearted comment, I absolutely saw that too, and thought it was a bit 'too' lighthearted for my tastes. A little too Starburst Candy. I didn't 'not' like it, but I wasn't falling head over tincups for it either. The thing you all can't see is the pickguard assy, which is going to have Lots of its own color. There's color coming, believe me there is. Its just about whether I wanted to mimic/mirror those colors on the pickguard assembly, onto the body or not. I can see 'that' part, and I know none of you can yet. This is still background,
  7. While I agree with this, the whole concept from the beginning was to introduce the four basic colors to the body. But in a way that didn't directly mimic the original idea or theme. The pure black/white thing was just a 'pause' point until I figured out how to implement them to my satisfaction. You have to be willing to try things and fail at it, all successful people experience failure, sometimes time and time again. But they don't let it curb their ambition to take risks. Taking risks and failure are always part of the backstory of any success. That's one thing I've
  8. My Khruangbin board. I use a Neunaber WET verb where he uses an EHX Holy Grail. The padded 'footie' knobs idea on the WET (and the Gila) I got from him (Mark). The Obscura has a 'hold repeat' function that simulates the way he uses his Strymon El Cap. I got turned on to Khun Narin through Mark (Speer), and I use the Gilamondo's 'hold' function to dial in and replicate that heavily midranged overhead horns sound. The 'hold' function 'stops and parks' the phaser wave wherever you want it along the dial and works dead perfect to replicate that overhead PA sound. Sticking
  9. So...the colored arrows weren't working for me over time. It was a kinda cool idea, and glad I implemented it and gave it a shot. But the novelty wore off and I didn't see the lasting longevity in it. I.e., ...I would not be loving it in years to come.. So this is a mockup in Paint, tho I just got done shooting it to look exactly like this, front and back. Welcome to the new look.
  10. Thinking about it a little more... The removable back plate idea is stalling with me a little. There would have to be a rational, reasonable justifiable reason why that idea should be implemented. Instead of, I guess, a control cavity. If I understood the reason behind it better, I might get on board with it. But I can angle-grind a belly cut in about 1/2 hour and its done. So an entire back-of-the-guitar contour would take a couple of hours, but then that part is done and over. Even with integrating and grinding a bevel on the control cover, like @ScottR jus
  11. The way I understood it, the entire back of the guitar IS a belly carve...actually a full torso carve if I understood it correctly. So the guitar 'custom fits' into the torso of the person, like a glove fits a hand. And the back plate was going to be separately formed and molded to that 'full torso carve' shape, so it could be removed (screws, magnets, etc.) I don't see any feedback issues, as the top is solid, and the top is what vibrates to create the howl of feedback. Unless I misunderstood something there... If possible, I would just make the entire (removable) bac
  12. Thanks. If they're on a board, that means I fully adore them and they're very useful and up to the task. I don't keep anything I don't like or doesn't work. I have 4 specifically targeted running boards at the moment and refuse to build any more, enough is enough. (I might be reaching that point with guitars too, I'm pretty well satiated with the herd at this point.) I have a Gilmour board, an Ambient board, a Trower/Khruangbin board, and this one, the 'heavy hitter', which started out as a The War on Drugs' board. The lower row (and the end of the upper row) is still
  13. Oh, compared to most people here, I rate as a reasonably good shoe shiner most days, but Thank You, I admire your builds as well.
  14. I wouldn't listen to a damn thing I say about Floyds, I'm kinda dusty on that topic. I navigated to the Schaller OFR's (for my builds) a long time ago and just kind of stayed put there, I haven't played many others TBH. It's not on the guitar yet, so that was my observation just from a parts quality/build standpoint. And I bought it from a recommendation from someone who's 'in that game' a lot more than I am lately. That was actually part of my thought process in building these, to get my Floyd techniques dusted off and spit-shined up a bit. I did reconfigure on
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