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  1. Another question for you all. I've coloured the body and put some sanding selaer on and rubbed it back a bit. Now i'm thinking that tru oil would be quite sexy. so my question... Can i put a tru oil finish over acrylic sanding sealer? cheers,
  2. No way.... just looked at where Wudtone are based... It's 40 miles from my home.. Maybe i'll pop in!
  3. Hi Spencer, Thanks for the suggestion.. I've never heard of that before. I've just had a look at their website. Looks really good! Unfortunately, like you say, i've bought all my supplies, but for the next build (of which i'm already dreaming up), i'll give it a look. Cheers! P.
  4. Thanks for the replies fellas. Here are some photos of the build so far.... They're in reverse date order https://www.flickr.com/gp/133030639@N03/n76zp5 Cheers, P.
  5. Hello again everyone. I've spent time since asking this question on making the neck for the guitar. It's gone very well, and when i get a minute, I'm thinking of adding lots of progress photos if anyone is interested? Anyway... on to my next question for you knowledgable lot.. I've taken onboard some of the suggestions from you, and decided to go green on this guitar. I've bought some Liberon green dye, chestnut brand acrylic lacquer (cans) and some Chestnut brand sanding sealer. My question is, should i dye the bare wood, or put the sanding sealer on first, then so do it? Pros and cons please, thanks!
  6. Wait a second while i write the list... LOL No seriously, CAD have helped me figure out a lot of complexed trigonometry that would have taken me a lot of time if I should have done it with a calculator and good old math. BTW, check out the CAD drawings from the download section. There are both complete instruments and parts like bridges tuners etc to download. Ah! Found it.... cheers SL! Did the scarf joint on friday. Cut it on my band saw using a home made jig set at 15degrees. Also made a little jig to sand the saw marks out still at 15 degrees. Glued up with titebond and it's looking pretty good! More to come.....
  7. I was thinking this VK, do you have recomendations as to which dye to use. I'm in the UK. Also, could I seal the body with clear first, and then try dye out as a 'just in case'? I wouldn't say I hate them. The problem with the green poplar is if you want a tinted finish the green streaks will change the top colour, making it very problematic to dial in the end result. On this particular guitar the green parts ar offset and not centered, and is disrupted at the arm rest. That makes it a no-no for me. But as long as boybach is happy it's OK. Good to hear that the neck angle thingy is under control! Using CAD is also my personal preference for nack angle issues. That's a good point DP, I think if a colour goes on, it'd have to be light..... ish.. Also, CAD is so good (and quick) for working things out..... Just draw all the hardware 1:1 and you can't really go wrong eh?!
  8. Hi SL, thanks for your reply. Yes, i've taken the neck angle into considiration. I've drawn it out on Autocad and used an online neck angle calc to confirm. DP. I totally agree. I'm sure there are some ugly looking ones out there, but I think this one is quite striking. I really am thinking of clear coat, but maybe lightly using a tinted clear (green/blue etc) would give it that little bit extra? Thanks to the other guys for the useful ideas..... It's really got me thinking now. I'd better hurry up with the neck eh?!
  9. Hi there.... We think alike.... Unfortunately, i already have seven black guitars hanging on the walls surrounding me! Was hoping for something a bit more see-through for this one. Thanks for the input though.
  10. Should also mention, that I'm leaning towards a tinted nitro of some sort.. something like is offered here: http://www.manchesterguitartech.co.uk/shop/ Don't have any spray equipment, so cans it is! Have done some finishing work with cans before that turned out very well, so I'm happy using these. Does anyone think that i could use the dark dye and sand back off technique to bring out the grain? Again, i'm hoping for opinions from people who might have done this with Poplar before. Cheers
  11. I've moved to Flickr instead: https://flic.kr/p/sdzP4y https://flic.kr/p/ssS4Yo https://flic.kr/p/sdzN6w
  12. Hi All, I was hoping that some of you knowledable folks could offer an opionion... I'm in the middle of making my first scratch build which i'm really enjoying. I've chosen quite modest timbers (just in case I cocked anything up), But they're actually quite striking looking luckily. And the tap tone is awesome.. My question is could someone help to offer opinion of the finsh colour? It's a poplar body and has two large green streaks along the front of the body. The neck is going to be 'Santa Maria' (looks like Mahogony). Necks not a problem but i'm struggling with the body colour. It's going to have hardware left over from one of my gibsons. Gold, tuners, TOM and stoptail. Probably white pickups (undecided). I'm leaning towards using Nitro (cause i like it).. Here are the photos! https://imageshack.com/a/Qsg4/1 Thanks.. Paul
  13. Welcome to the Project Guitar Forum, boybach :-)

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