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About Me

Hi, after a few years of lurking I finally decided to join up! Project Guitar got me and my Dad started back when I was 16 (now long moved-out and going it alone (!) so thanks to everyone for the help and inspiration.

I've done quite a few projects over the years now:

* A crazy, green monster (borne out of my heavy metal teens!) - full body and neck build

* An orange Randy Rhoads style V with a floyd - kit guitar

* A left-handed explorer for commission - full body build, neck bought in

* A bright pink SG copy refinish (a present - not mine!)

* A cheap telecaster copy revamp (another present!)

* A through-neck explorer (maple + bubinga 3-part neck with an African rosewood and cherry body

* Stripped and resprayed a Squier Classic-Vibe Strat with nitro to make a heavy-strung blues weapon

* I also did a full re-wire on my factory Ibanez JS100 with Dimarzios (Air Norton/Tone-Zone) - heartily recommended!!


When not making guitars and playing them thoroughly averagely, I enjoy fast bikes and race tracks, good food, good beer and good company. 

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