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  1. I am painting a body in orange lacquer then clear. I don't want to chip, or have the white primer under the paint show due to the scraping of the binding. Should the binding be slight below, even, or slightly above the painted surface before scraping to have less a chance for the primer or paint chipping to occur due to scraping or does it make any difference.
  2. thanks. i'll get a good respirator. 1.3, 1.4 is kinda what i've been finding out for that paint. Does the vinyl sealer spray about the same as the lacquer topcoat or is it thicker etc.
  3. http://www.spraygunworld.com/products/Sharpe/Sharpe%20Finex%202000.html This unit above I think will be my first HLVP spray gun. Any help on the tip size i should get with it. I will be spraying this here lacquer and vinyl sealer with it from Sherwin Williams. vinyl sealer #T67F3 and Lacquer #T70 C 60
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