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  1. Could you tell me more about your guitar? Like the make and model, or at least what kind of wood it is made of. Are the back and sides rosewood or mahogany? I ask because if the guitar is made of rare and expensive woods I would hesitate before recommending a new system that involved cutting into the sides. I have seen preamp systems that mount the tone and volume controls inside the sound hole where they can be reached with a finger but are not noticeable. You still have to deal with the holes left from the old control nobs. I would not leave them open. Instead try to find some kind of pl
  2. Thanks for using my misspelling of the word definitely in your reply.... I caught it right off. I need to reconsider posting at nearly 3:00 am
  3. This is my first rodeo guys, but I am quite proud of the results. I have no training in guitar repair other than watching several youtube videos. I have proven here that anyone can either flip a guitar for a profit, or pick up a nice instrument for themselves to play on an extreme budget! Let me tell you the short version of the story and show you how I did the work. I picked up a new Alvarez AD60CE acoustic electric guitar from a music store for only $70.00 because the soundboard was cracked. I took it home and fixed the crack, and now I have a nice mahogany guitar that I picked up for a
  4. Congratulations for receiving guitar of the month. There is no doubt your craftsmanship is deserving of that award and more. I only recently got the itch to do my own build, and the only way to scratch an itch like that is to get it done. Your project defiantly provides me with inspiration, and I am excited about refining my own hard tail strat design. Thanks for that! Cheers Bill
  5. WillyD

    Alvarez Soundboard Repair

    These are images taken while repairing a crack in an Alvarez AD60CE soundboard
  6. You need to have a set up done on that guitar. That involves checking the neck relief and adjustment as required. After the neck has been deemed straight and properly adjusted the next step is to check the string height or action. In cases where the action is to high the saddle and or the nut needs to be filed or sanded down on the bottom side to lower the action. The exact specification for string action can be a very personal thing. Some kolks like a high action, others may like it low. How low you can go is dependant on the amount of neck relief and string gauge etc. etc. obviously goin
  7. I recently picked up a new Alvarez AD60CE from a guitar shop for $70.00 because the soundboard had a crack running from the heal to the bridge. The guitar retails for around $550.00, so I got it for a song! I documented the repair fairly well with photographs and I would like to post a tutorial on how to do repairs like this here at Projectguitar.com. But, I have been a member for about 2 hours now and I have no idea how to post a tutorial. Can anyone help me out? Cheers Bill
  8. I have everything I need to write a tutorial on fixing a cracked soundboard. How do I post a tutorial?

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