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  1. I'm sure you folks can answer a lot of my questions regarding this, but can anyone direct me where I can read up on it? Curious about stabilizing, gluing, finishing, etc. Things like putting the top over a semi hollow? Thanks.
  2. I guess you can use whatever you like but I'm just looking for some opinions on this. How hard or soft is it compared to the "normal" woods used?
  3. Hey, a reason to post a pic of the first and only guitar I've built thus far. I am gonna do another in the near future. Like others, mine has a few small finish issues but it is my best sounding guitar.
  4. That's cool, nice work. Maybe someday . You make it look too easy. Stop that would ya?
  5. Well I took the plunge, drilled a tiny hole in those plugs to reveal screws under them. One wasn't doing a whole lot either. After scoring the front side of the bridge with a razor along the top, it pretty much came right off. I removed the thin layer of cedar and old glue from under the bridge. Hopefully all I'll have to do is lightly sand the top where some cedar no longer lives, get some better screws, and re-screw with some glue. Clamping it would probably be a good idea too. If I feel like being really nice I might even replug those holes with some dowel. Thanks for the reply jaycee.
  6. So a co-worker friend of mine asked me if I'd set up his Takamine Gs330s. This particular guitar appears to have a solid cedar top. He told me the strings seemed a little high and in the 9 or so years he's had it, he would only change one string at a time, as they broke . I get it home and take a look. Besides being hammered, bruised and beaten, the bridge is starting to rise off of the top. First thought was to put it back in the bag and return it to him. But instead I did a little research on possible reasons for this and what's involved to repair it. The top doesn't look to be bowed,
  7. Install the frets first. It'll get in the way when finishing your frets anyway.
  8. If you go to gotm for may and look at my build you'll see one of their tops. I'm pretty sure it was listed as an AAA top but it came in their electric kit that my wife bought for me so I'm not 100% sure.
  9. Well I wanted to take some better pics but the card reader is acting up so these will have to do. I'll call it "First born Sun" since it's my first build and well it's kinda orange. Mahogany neck and body with a figured maple top(obviously). Bookmatched headstock overlay and truss rod cover. Ebony board 25" scale Schaller mini's Rio Grande Texas/BBQ pup set, push/pull tone knobs for splitting 1 2 3 4
  10. Very nice. You guys make me want to build another guitar just to try tru oil. Nice looking finish.
  11. Thanks all. It is mahogany. The back is a little lighter than the sides, I guess thats to be expected. It is a little lighter than my other mahogany gits now that I think about it.
  12. Yes. I was a little worried about making the neck but it went pretty well and turned out good too. Its a little larger than I prefer but thats ok.
  13. I uploaded full pics again and was trying to fix it. Sorry 'bout that.
  14. I still have some tweaking to do but here it is anyway... pic 1 pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 pic 5 pic 6 pic 7
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