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  1. " Worse, when shaping a paper-based template the edges "fluff up" and obscure the lines we're trying to shape to. " THIS! I am looking forward to trying out the techniques described here. Thanks Carl!
  2. Correct! I did not realize that until you pointed it out while I was building my "interpretation". That said, I did not use any sort of break angle as my Hipshot bridge is low profile. The bottom of the fingerboard is about 1/8" proud of the body. If I was using a taller bridge, I'd likely cut the angle into the top of the body portion of the neck blank, then run it over a jointer to square it up. I think I will hold off on taller bridges until I build a Les Paul-like instrument.
  3. Good point! I tend to lay down clean white t-shirts over this to manage the imprint issue while a finish is curing (certainly not when still wet though!).
  4. Harbor Freight sells toolbox non-slip mats in rolls for pretty cheap too. Not as cushiony as yoga mats (which I love as a surface), but a bit grippy-er. Good stuff!
  5. Both of those would look nice. So many options. It is tempting to get a pistachio top, but I want to avoid getting too busy. If only, I had the wood inventory to mess around with!
  6. I just got some awesome looking pistachio boards in! Three will be for bass guitars, and the shorter one will eventually be some sort of 6-string guitar. Collecting thoughts on body woods or tops that would go well. The first build will likely be a 5 string fretless bass guitar, once I complete a couple of custom basses. Ideas, of course, are welcomed!
  7. Thanks! Playability-wise, it sounds great with big mids as you'd expect from a MB repro pickup. Series and parallel have good differentiation and good range with the tone knob. Split is nice, but I need to pull it apart and shield to get a better tone there. The neck is a jazz/Ric hybrid so it's like a narrow baseball bat (modern 4003) fat neck with jazz taper. It's hot for sure with the 18v pre and Rautia pickup.
  8. That will look really nice! If TU is not available in Holland, tung oil may be an option. Let us know, as I am sure someone will be able to help. If you can get TU, I have a bunch of links I can post on your build thread that are helpful.
  9. Cool project! The zebrawood will look fabulous as a tele top. I have a big board of it for an upcoming 8-string octave bass build. Looking forward to this build!
  10. That's so weird that they do that. Aren't Denmark and Sweden goofy like that as well? I recall something like that when I was in København about 5 years ago. Oh yeah, I forgot you can roll your own pickups. I'll have to give that a whirl one of these days. I am sure I can find a cheap sewing machine to take apart and convert to a wire bobbin.
  11. Thank man, I appreciate that. And it certainly will not be the last! I am really itching to get the 8 string octave started...I need to finish the cidery buildout first, however. I believe the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) requires some sort of export certificate. I have not looked into that yet since we are focusing on building our brand in Oregon, with Washington, Idaho and California on the somewhat-distant horizon once we expand. As far as non-sales alcohol shipping, I'll have to research. I'd love to send you some of our product! I suppose Googling international alcohol gift regulations will help. More to come! A 5-string SB-1000 would be epic. I wonder how amenable Veijo would be to doing a one-off? I would totally build a 5-string fretless SB! I would even replicate the Aria headstock end design... That Pliny the Elder is solid! It's been a while since I've had it. As you know, we are awash in booze here in Portland.
  12. Exactly. A decent scroll saw certainly is not as inexpensive as a jig saw, but I'd much rather go that route. Then again, it is asking quite a bit to task either saw with cutting through ~1.5-1.78" of 1500+ Janka Scale hardwood!
  13. On clamped down boards and riding a straight edge guide, I am OK with them. They can get squirrely quick though! I liken it to a jumpy upside down scroll saw with only one stable point that can do a bit more flesh damage.
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