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  1. This thread was an interesting read with my morning coffee. I've not been building guitars for long but I am not new to the guitar. My uncle started one of the UKs biggest gear chains when I was a boy and most of my close family are either collectors or players. We experimented with this lots over the decades.

    I don't care what anyone says, the wood a guitar is made from affects it's tone. Take an alder and an ash strat or tele, weight is the same, with the same pickups set at max and play them through the same amp.. They do have a different tone, not wildly different but there is a tonal difference. And this translates across to solid mahogany LPs vs maple cap and many others over the years. Ok so most of that can be totally changed or replicated by turning a tone knob or other amps and settings but the fact remains in an A-B test the difference is there.

    I will say this, what one sounds better is all down to personal tastes and preference. Does a set of pickups, new amp or a set of flat wounds change the sound more.. Yes. Ofcourse it does, but each wood type having a slightly different character gives a builder the oppertunity to build in an intended sound.

    Here's an analogy. An expensive race car is tuned from the ground up. Each component is looked at and fettled, strengthened, lightened and aerodynamically shaped. Does that one little fin make the car fast.. No. Would a different set of tyres change it more.. Yes. But it's the sum of all parts that makes a championship winning car. Why should a guitar be any different. Put a set of cheap and nasty pickups in anything it will sound bad. As a builder of both cars, and guitars now, I will always use the best materials I can source for the specific task at hand, end of story.


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