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  1. Hey guys. I tried to start learning by myself, from here, books, internet, etc, but last month i had a call from a luthier near home, to tell me that one of his student has finished so there would be a open spot, i asked him for a spot like a 8 or 9 month ago i think... i`m more comfortable doing the course than learning by myself, at least until i have a good foundation of the basics. Well, tomorrow will be my third class, so far is good, my plan is to replicate at home the things i learn, so when i finish the course, instead of one guitar i should have built 2 or 3, and after the c
  2. Hey guys. Wanted to bring you a quick update before leaving for work. Did some practice in spare wood with the router, and after that i been able to get a better finish on the blanks, then i put 150 grit sandpaper at 90 degrees and did a very light sanding, i`m a bit afraid of oversanding and messing up. The surface is not 100% smooth, but looks a lot better than before, here you can see both boards togheter. Sorry, the pic is a bit dark... anyway, the union on the other side looks better also. Im not sure if do a bit more sanding to try to improve it a bit more or just clamp them togheter
  3. Hello guys. Thanks for the answers, let`s see... here are some pictures. The board, as far as i can tell it`s not warped and it`s at 90 degrees, and it`s longer than the pieces i`m sanding. I tried both separatedly, and when that didn`t work i tried them clamped togheter. And there you can see one of the ends. I keep the sandpaper in place with masking tape, i used a system i found at Crimson guitars, first put the masking tape in the board, then put some glue on it and put another masking tape on top of it facing upside, then put the sandpaper on it, the one i tried is 40 grit. I think wha
  4. Hello guys, I think I really suck at sanding, I did the shooting board, put some sandpaper and tried sanding them, first, each one separately, then both clamped together, tried many times, and no matter what I couldn't get a good surface, I'm in my cellphone now so I can't upload pictures, but later I will put some of them... Is there other way I could try? I was thinking clamp both pieces together, put them with the surface I need to prepare looking up, and then run the router from over it, the same way y prepared the front and back, I only would need a higher structure from which run the
  5. Thanks guys, I will try those systems today in some spare wood to see how they work A shame about the router bits, they are brand new, I thought they would work better... Cheers!
  6. Hello guys, i need some help, i dont know what i`m doing wrong. I`m preparing the 2 pieces of the body to join them. First i clamp a straight wood to use it as a guide, and use that 2cm router bit, doing many passes, each one a bit lower, until i can`t get any lower. Then i turn it over, clamp it again (now the router doesn`t touch the straight wood) and use that 3cm bit router to copy the previous level. And no matter what i do, i always finish with 2 different levels, not really a huge difference, but can`t get a perfect surface, i did 6 tries (I`m using the outside of th
  7. Yeah, that's a good idea, I have a few second hand stores not far away from home, it's worth a look at least, I seen they sell some power tools and stuff. Thanks!
  8. I need to wait a few days for the new router bits to get home... So, in the meantime, for the next step (Joining the parts) i need big clamps, i asked in the hardware store and the big ones are a bit expensive there, and i saw tutorials on youtube about DIY clamps... anyone had any experience with them? if i can make good ones for cheaper than bought new ones, it`s money that i can spend in other tools... Thanks!
  9. Thanks guys! I had already presented them in a way that i liked how it looks, so then i will just join them that way!! Cheers!
  10. Thanks PsikoT, i followed your suggestion about how to do it and i think it went well! Now... before i start hacking away the sides to prepare to join them... is there a proper position that the 2 blocks should go? i mean, watching the 2 pieces is not really clear to me which way the grain goes (i did read somewhere that if you cut it from a plank you should turn one of the blocks 180 degrees and then join them) i dont know if i cant put the pieces any way i want or if by doing so later can be harder to sand it or... i dont know, it`s like i think Scott said in other thread, i don`t know w
  11. Hello guys. Well, went from different versions of the plane router, still need to improve it, but i think it works good enough now. Finished planing the 2 blocks, next step will be planing the sides to glue and join them, right? Thanks! Laters.
  12. Thanks Prostheta. Yeah, i did put some wood pieces at the end of the courtain to keep it pressed to the floor, so far so good. I think the problem with the router was my pressure, now i just move it side to side, i put a level on the rails and keep checking it from time to time to be sure all is at the same level. I did mostly going to the same side, but a few times went the other way, from now then i will go as you said, against the direction of the bit. I finished the top, looks mostly good, but there are a few part where i don`t know what happened but looks like the router t
  13. Hello guys, a little update. Put some shower courtain around the workbench and did a router planer and did my first try at it. The board is longer and thicker than i need, so i tried on it instead of a scrap wood, there is still plenty of room for more tries. Im routing down about 2 mm. but i can`t get a uniform surface, i think it`s because i`m putting some pressure on the router and then it cuts uneven. I watched many tutorials about router planer on youtube, but the ones i found explain how to make the router planer, not so much about how to use it properly. Thanks!
  14. Man, the shape of your headstock is sooooo perfect... I was planning on doing a similar shape, since the only headstock that i like is the Ibanez one, but wanted to change the tip of it, and yours look pretty close to what i had in my mind! Anyway, i`m still so far from doing a neck that i have more than enough time to desing some ideas for the headstock. And the wood for the top of the body it`s insanely good!!!! if i red right, it`s eucaliptus? my old neiborhood was full of them... Cheers!!
  15. oh yeah! i`m not going to let a small thing like not having enough space stop me... i will just find the way and thanks to all your experience i`m sure i will do it as safely as i can. Well, if i just open the windows people will see me working there On a side note, i walked all the hardware stores on my city, couldn`t get the router bits i will try Barcelona, maybe tomorrow. On the bright side, i found a place that sell all kind of wood near my house, maybe 15 blocks away... I forgot to tell you guys, when i went to buy the wood in Barcelona, the owner of the place told me
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