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  1. I have a LPDC with two volume controls, no tones. The bridge pickup sounds a bit bright. I have a 300K pot for the bridge. I would like to install a cap to tame it, without using a resistor. Is this possible?
  2. No worries. No matter what I try I cannot for the life of me send you a PM. I hover, I right click, nothing seems to work.
  3. I guess I am computer challenged. No worries about the avatar. Thanx for your help anyway.
  4. All that happens is it says, View Profile
  5. I am new to this site. Where do I find the message button?
  6. Is there a certain size recommended. I tried several sized pics and none are acceptable.
  7. How do I add an avatar to my profile? I tried several pics but nothing happens.
  8. ​The link that I posted would not be recommended? It will be a painted finish.
  9. Yes, the fit is very close with only a very small gap as directed by this site for penetration of the filler.
  10. Will this work? http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/maintenance-repair/minwax-high-performance-wood-filler
  11. I am currently trying to convert a trem guitar to a hard tail. I routed out the necessary place to be filled and cut a block for it. I would like to know what type of filler I should use for this. Brand if possible? Thanx, Jeff
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