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  1. It's the answer to all guitar questions. Q: How do you get that killer tone? Where'd you learn those hot licks? Have you considered playing bass instead? A: Paduak Influenced Sound Sub-Overtone Frequency Filter
  2. Better put in for the trademark on that! In fact, go for a patent ("Technique for Using Paduak Intensifier Block to Improve Overall Guitar Tone Awesomeness"). Could be a game changer. Looking great!
  3. I've been quietly lurking along with this build CJ. It's turning out great. I might have to come back to Japan just to see it in person. (By the way, our stuff is finally scheduled to arrive next week after three months of transit. That breaks down to 2 weeks of transit and 10 weeks waiting for the customs inspectors to clear it - good thing I didn't send back a bunch of rosewood. I'm looking forward to getting my basses and starting to set up my shop so I can get back to work.)
  4. I've been lurking along as we pack up. This is looking incredibly sharp. The pin stripe binding and brass filled markers are going to be really nice.
  5. Here's an interesting video showing a bass Prince commissioned just before his death: Looks like a really interesting combination of materials and some top-notch craftsmanship. The maker built a guitar for Prince as well - it was the last guitar he was photographed with playing live. http://www.gusguitars.com/product.php?model_id=16
  6. It could oscillate like a Leslie cabinet or you could connect it to a foot pedal.
  7. Hey! A family emergency has taken me back to the states. I'll be back on Wednesday, but on Friday we are heading to Hokkaido. Let's find time for a Shinkiba field trip as soon as I get back to a normal schedule. Besides the wood wholesaler that I've been buying from, there's also a retail store that has the most mind blowing selection of exotic figured woods to check out (look at the pics at the bottom of this post).
  8. I need to introduce you to my wood guy in shinkiba. He might be able to get you some more options. And he plays bass.
  9. Did you re-do the template? I don't notice the lower horn width on the most recent pictures... I vote for beveling the body instead of rounding it over. The angles of the multi-scale need some company. I cant wait to see this come together. You have until mid July. No pressure!
  10. Thanks CJ for coming out on Saturday night! It was a fun night for sure. Getting to see, hear, and play the Chinaberry Two was definitely a highlight. It is in every way a beautiful instrument - photos do not do it justice - and I can confirm that it feels and sounds as good as it looks. Here's a group shot of the Chinaberry Two hanging out with my Koi Bass and one of the Piccolo 6's.
  11. This bass looks even better in the flesh. CJ stopped by my 'hood today and I got to take a close look at the chinaberry 2 bass. So many nice details and the quality of work is absolutely top notch. Really inspiring craftsmanship. The oiled cherry neck feels absolutely amazing, the inlays on the fingerboard are very cool, and of course Fuji-San. The red tinted filler & urethane finish on the chinaberry body is mesmerizing. Can't wait to play it! I got a sneak peek at CJ's next project too... it's gonna be cool but I'm not going to spoil the surprise.
  12. Woohoo! Good to see another build started. I'm moving to the other side of the pacific to a land where I no longer have access to a massive $1/hour wood shop. For my next build, I will likely be joining you in the old school land of hand tools.
  13. Totally. And the frets are WAY too close together for my fat fingers.
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