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  1. I've just had a read of the chrome browser roadmap. By release 88 all non-secure content will be blocked, including images. We are currently on release 85. They are tightening the screws and eventually everything will have to be https. That's a lot of work for admins and developers https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/7679408?hl=en
  2. Looking much better - thanks Https is quite important, as Google recently updated the chrome browser. It broke a few of our websites at work and we've been scrambling to get them switched over.
  3. Arrgghhh! Missing icons and very slow, jerky scrolling. Android + chrome
  4. Kemp Guitars = clean, clean, clean! Beautiful work sir!
  5. I'd just like to congratulate you on the most concise update of the thread so far It's always interesting to see the extremes of method between yourself and @ScottR. This is a seriously lovely looking bass though. Can I have it? It would make a lovely stable-mate to my SB-1000
  6. I've been slacking off from the forums for a bit, so just catching up slowly. I just wanna say... Wow!
  7. Then when it's finished you can sit and practice your scales... I've already got my coat
  8. You could inlay the fretboard then cover it all in a layer of clear epoxy. Epoxy didn't harm Jaco's tone any
  9. That made me giggle I know what you mean with the eyesight. In the last few years I've gone from perfect vision to not being able to read anything within arms length. Getting old I suppose, and helped along by a bit of macular degeneration. Thank goodness for my magnifying goggles - bought by my wife as a bit of a joke, but turned out to be THE BEST present ever I've not been on for a few weeks, not having a build in progress, but this was the first thread I headed for. Lovely to see her... erm... grow. You're taking wood away, yet certain parts of her seem to have getting bigger! Lovely work. Wally is going to be very happy if she's as nice on the inside
  10. I tried wet sanding on my first build. I do it all dry now You can work through the micromesh grits without water as long as you remove the dust regularly before it can clog - every 4 or 5 strokes
  11. Is there a danger of white spirit leaving a residue? I'm always a bit wary of it myself and would use lighter fluid in preference, as it's a lighter oil fraction. Nitrocellulose will dissolve into the existing finish when sprayed, and (I assume) would absorb small traces of sanding dust. I'm not sure if you'd actually need to wipe down with anything after sanding. Just a good dusting with a clean microfibre cloth Lovely progress btw. Looking great
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