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  1. I haven't checked out any Squires lately but where they're manufactured has a lot to do with how good of a guitar you get. I would probably stay away from the Chinese or Indonesian built ones, the Korean built Squires are really good as are the Japanese ones. The very early Japanese Squires were just as good if not better than their American made counterparts.
  2. Yeah, I've bought pick ups and hardware from them on ebay before and always been happy with their products. Just seen that they sell bodies on their site and they seem pretty nice especially for the price. Thinking of a new project and I wonder what a pauwlonia wood bodied tele would be like?
  3. Hey, I was checking out Guitar Fetish and they have some nice deals on guitar bodies and some of them are made of paulownia wood which I'm not familiar with at all. So has anyone bought bodies from guitar fetish and or a paulownia wood body and what do you think?
  4. A locking nut with a trem that doesn't fine tuners would definitely be pointless. I would go with locking tuners instead.
  5. get an orbital sander hand sanding is for chumps.
  6. I think what you want is aluminum checker plate, the steel stuff would be ridiculously heavy.
  7. The Guild X-79 was basically a reverse explorer.
  8. You have to pull them out. Use the studs or similar size screw, thread them in and then use a claw hammer to pull them out just like you would a nail. Use a piece of wood or something between the hammer and guitar so you don't damage it.
  9. A 25.5" scale neck will work as long as the bridge is properly placed. Also I believe that Warmoth dose make 24 3/4" scale necks.
  10. I didn't realize anyone over the age of 13 actually took Gwar seriously.
  11. Varathane is not lacquer, it's a urethane enamel which you should never use over lacquer.
  12. I have an Explorer and that's exactly how mine is.
  13. Like this? http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bridges,_tailp...es.html#details They also have just the saddles - http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Bridges,_tailp..._for_Strat.html
  14. Sweet looking guitar and sweet sounding too. Nice work.
  15. One thing I don't understand about these US made Peaveys is why are they so cheap? Are they true Us made guitars or are they assembled in the US with cheap foreign parts?
  16. Go to an automotive parts store that sells paints and find some that's made for metal trim (no primer required), it usually comes in satin black and all you need to do is scuff the parts with Scotch Brite pad. Spray on a couple thin coats, you don't want it too thick or it will chip. Let dry for a few days, since you are in Australia a few days out in the sun should harden it up good. If you have spray equipment the best thing to use would be an auto epoxy primer such as PPG DP 90 (satin black) it has excellent adhesion and dries super hard, but it's also very expensive and very toxic.
  17. Where is the one MIMF are selling? I drew the one on GuitarBuild and I will be very annoyed and send MIMF a nasty e-mail if they are selling something I put out for free! By the way it is also available on this site! Just contribute and get access to the download area. Keith This one?
  18. Rona sells Watco lacquer in spray bombs and quarts and it's comes in gloss, semi-gloss and satin.
  19. I have read that poplar has tonal qualities similar to alder. There's nothing wrong with it, I'm using it for my Tele project and PRS uses it also for some of their guitars.
  20. You might find this helpful... Click Here
  21. Welcome aboard Slaytanic. I bet you're a Slayer fan, eh?
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