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  1. This is my 2nd build and was one of the most challenging project I've ever done. I put a ridiculous amount of time into it. On the first day of working on it, it jerked on the router and took a chunk of meat out of my finger and drew a lot of blood, that is what earned it it's color. I designed this body with functionality and uniqueness in mind. Body: Ash , Padouk accent (Pickup rings, switch, back cover) Neck : 24 fret Floyd neck Scale: 25.5" Pickups: Artec Electronics: 3 way switch, tone, volume Finish: Torch, Dye, Shellac, Oil Hope you like it
  2. Thank you guys for the feedback ! Norris, I completely agree with you. Apparently the angle on the drill press is off... have to correct it. Unfortunately, once these holes are made its a done deal...It is something for me to pay attention to on the next build... Here is the duo:
  3. Thank you Andy ! I just finished it. Well, most of it, still need to get some knobs and come up with some cool cover for the switch hole...
  4. Prostheta, Good way to put it. I learned that lesson the hard way, and as SDshirtman said, thanks to my luck, it was only a lesson and not a serious, long term, crippling injury as it could easily have been.
  5. Scott, I am not... my sister is. Maybe its genetic ?... lol And yes I try to move along with such projects... Here is the latest update. I just finished the neck.
  6. Yep. I learned to respect and feat it, I now take my time with it...Especially the table router. With the plunge router I feel a bit more comfortable as I have better grip of the device compared to gripping the work on the table. As added safety I always use it with a pedal.
  7. The ergonomics are great (in my opinion) it is very comfortable the weight is good, the controls are easy to reach, kind of like some older Japanese guitars. I just pushed them a little forward... I assume it would take any musician some getting used to. But it works...works well in my opinion (:
  8. HAHA !!! You nailed it ! "Serotonin" will be the name of the next model I'm gonna build. I need to do some reading and learning on the necks... I definitely would like to do that !!!
  9. Thanks Kmensik !! I like yoursa a lot ! The only reason I didnt focus too much on the routing under the cover is because it would be covered anyway and not visible, but you are right. It can be done much nicer. Also thank you for all the other pointers (:
  10. Its pretty cool... here are the magnets.
  11. Dopamini I had a small piece of Alder laying around and decided to build a smaller (travel) version of my previous build; Dopamine. Hence Dopamini... lol If you haven't seen my Dopamine build, here it is: http://www.projectguitar.com/forums/topic/48349-my-2nd-build-dopamine/ I am still unsure about the finish... But here is my progress so far: Initial design: initial cut. Where it is at right now... Let me know what you think so far...
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