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  1. part 3 added, hope someone is finding this stuff useful
  2. cheers russian, the reason i didn't talk about steps was i thought it would add another(small) learning curve to someone who's just starting i've edited the first post a bit BTW....
  3. i'm editing it a bit to explain a few things better
  4. you just gotta use a little musical common sense and you can start intervals and modes from scratch if you work through what i wrote
  5. give it a chance, it's all there i tried to make it with beginners in mind but... the more feedback people give me the better it can become
  6. lol well that doesn't help.. take it slow and tell me what exactly you're having trouble with, so i can help
  7. they sometimes add a major 7th and deminished 5th a minor 6th sounds too....minorish..
  8. dunno but if none of those were movable you'd be stuck in c a lot...
  9. why wouldn't it be movable? i'd say they're just writing everything in C
  10. byzantine: min2, maj3, perf4, perf5, min6, maj7 as i was working this out it in Cb it was perfectly in key with the song on the radio....scary....
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