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  1. Hey guys, been a while since I’ve been on. I’ve started 2 other companies and life with a 2 year old is insane so guitar build had to take a bit of a step back for a bit. I found a little time last weekend to finish this one up and figured I’d share it here. N12 semi hollow, 25.5” scale curly maple top, curly maple back, sapele body, Sapele neck, dark roasted curly maple fretboard, hipshot hardware, suhr ssv/ssh pickups, dye and tru oil finish. Ive had a few days to play on it and it quickly turned into my number 1 guitar and I’ll be keeping this one for sure.
  2. Also, the aquaburst ta28 has found itself a new home. Kinda hated to see that one go but the new owner will take good care of it and he’s a seriously amazing musician so it’s in good hands!
  3. The top was no where near being level and smooth so now I am adding coats of ca glue, level sanding, repeat repeat repeat. Once I get that to where it’s acceptable I’ll start working more on the neck.
  4. I guess I could go ahead and share some of this one, this is a commissioned build. He wanted a s22/7 with a ash body, spalted maple burl top, wenge neck, ebony fretboard, 7 string, 27” scale, Dimarzio titan bridge pickup, no neck pickup, 1 volume no tone, hipshot locking tuners, hipshot fixed bridge. He wanted it to be a carve top, I really really didn’t want to carve a burl because I knew it’d be a pain but I told him I’d do it. And let me tell you, it was a total pain!!! i put 5 coats of minwax wood hardner on and let it sit for 2 days, tried carving and while it was better than carving without hardner. I then moved to water thin ca glue which worked much better but was still a nightmare and I ended up using sooo much glue. But... I got thru it, and here we are.
  5. No sir, I buy it this way. I tried the oven thing myself a few years ago and I didn’t like the end result personally. I get my stuff from americanspecialtyhardwoods.com check them out, they’ve got some awesome stuff and really good prices. thank you Scott!
  6. Hey no problem man! I use a lot of roasted (torrefied) maple, there’s two levels of roasted maple that I use which is “honey roasted” and “dark roasted”. The honey and dark refer to the color, honey is a lighter roast and the dark is really dark like chocolate.
  7. I had some time to knock out a guitar over the holiday weekend, So here’s this s22/6. Sapele body, rock maple neck, honey roasted curly maple fretboard, 25.5” scale, Dimarzio titan pickups, hipshot fixed bridge, hipshot open gear locking tuners, dyed with a really really dark blue so in the right light it’s either blue or black (kinda cool), tru oil finish on all. Get ready for pic overload lol
  8. TA28/6 ergonomic leg cut thingy update: made up a neck today, honey roasted maple, 12* scarf joint, routed to shape, sanded neck joint to fit the body neck cavity and thicknessed the neck heel. I’ll be taking the fretboard blank to my cnc guy tomorrow, this will get a honey roasted Birdseye maple fretboard and will have a arrow inlayed into it. I’m thinking the shaft will probably be rosewood with Purple Heart/padauk feathers and a mop arrow head.
  9. I’m not to worried, the patent is very very vague and really hard to understand how someone can patent a shape. But this guitar will never be sold, I’m gonna keep it for myself so i don’t think I’ll have any trouble. And there is a lot measurement wise and shape that differs from Strandberg so I think I’ll be ok.
  10. It is! I really love bocote. Spent a little time finish sanding the fretboard and picking out the fret slots, pretty sure fret slot cleaning takes me longer than the actual sanding.
  11. Welcome to pg! Everything is looking great for only wood working since February!
  12. I don’t think I’ve posted on this one yet so here is where I’m at on it, sapele body that I made up last year, maple neck, bocote fretboard, 25.5” scale 6 string. I finished the body last year and it’s just been sitting around so I made up a neck, had the fretboard machined, glued up the fretboard and started carving the neck. This is definitely the thinnest I’ve gone with neck thickness, I had a little mishap with the router but was able to save it. The fretboard/neck thickness is at .720 which puts it just a hair under Ibanez s necks, which is what I grew up playing so I’m alright with it. But anyways here’s a couple pics.
  13. Yeah Scott it’s definitely different, it’s supposed to be super comfy and help with hand ache, we will see how it goes. As for the black limba s22 I guess it’s gone on to its new home lol, I gave it to my photographer for pictures and he said he liked it so much I’m not getting it back so he bought it lol. I’m really gonna miss that one!
  14. Got to carve on the neck a bit yesterday on the 3point0, decided I wanted to try a assymetrical carve so tried my hand at a enduraneck type thing. Still have some A lot of work to do on it but so far so good and feels super comfortable.
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