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  1. Hello to everyone! I wasnt here for an year and now it's time to go back here. First post - current project Axim.6 We slightly change the design of Axim.7 to make guitar more comfortable and lighter. Different cavities for battery and wires. New headstock design. Soon it will be ready for shredd)
  2. Hello! I'm here again with our latest build - Axim.7 This is instrument was made as experiment with shapes and finish. Not for customer, so we look for its owner)) Main idea was to make simple, ergonomic guitar with minimum of details, unique shape and original design. Seems that we reached our aim. Specs: body - ash. neck - maple/wenge/rosewood, 25,5", 24 frets, Jescar. fretboard - rosewood. pickups - Fokin Rout, 1 volume Gotoh tuners, hipshot retainers Hipshot bridge PU finish Very comfortable access to high frets, it's good for shredders) Clear lows and soft highs, lot of sustain. possibly it's not made for very aggressive styles of music, but it could be changed by pickup replacment.
  3. Thanks. I feel that this one is best one of all our guitars. I really glad that we done this guitar.
  4. And finally it's done!!! Axim.7 is ready and delivered to customer.
  5. Thanks guys. Axim.7 is finished and Im so glad) Want to share with you this short video. It's not a demo, no. Just video))
  6. Nice monday evening. Good time to post new photos. Painting is over. Finish looks like it should
  7. Let me throw my 5 Kopek! xD I absolutely love you guys, your opinions and your guitars) I feel nothing similar when talk with russian musicians, but here I fill like at home, thank u! All guitars are incredible, awesome, some are even crazy (in good way I mean) But I like purple. Like purple very much)) I think you understand what I want to say :-)
  8. mmm, nope. I think about plack color. To make some contrast with white body. BTW. body will have a little black accents on top of the body. It will be interesting look.
  9. Today's update of Axim.7 progress. It will be awesome snow white finish with black details.
  10. Hello to everyone. I wasn't here for a long time and now want to share with you one of our current projects - Axim.7 It's on the way to finish, so I post photos from history of it's building. Specs: Body - Ash Neck - 7ply maple/rosewood/wenge with rosewood fretboard, 25,5", 24 Jescar frets Bridge - Hipshot, Tuners - Gotoh Fokin 7str pickup (will choose model after testing for better sound), 1 volume. Original concept and minimalistic design. Very balanced, heavy enough, maximum access to all neck - it's a fully loaded Axe for metal and shred.
  11. Hi! I'm Mike from Axim Guitars. https://www.facebook.com/AximWorkshop/ I wasn't here for a long time but ready to post some news for us. For this contest I want to share our Axim Alpha bass. Bass has original design and concept. Modern sound, passive electronics, uncommon wood combination - Feel the power of the lows even when it unplugged xD We make it for free sale and it waits his new owner Specs: body - maple with mahagony top. Neck - 5ply mahagony/wengr/maple, 35", 24 frets, rosewood fretboard, Jescar SS Hardware - Gotoh, hipshot retainer pickups - Fokin classic jazz bass set, V/V/T
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