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  1. I have tried doing a 15 degree scarf on my Dewalt 12 inch sliding mitre saw and don't recommend it. You cannot just set the saw to 15 degrees and start cutting.You would need a saw that would rotate to 75 degrees and they don't make one You would have to set up an auxilliary fence that would increase the max setting on your saw to equal the desired angle. Most saws don't rotate past 50-60 degrees.If you try this make sure it is securely clamped.I still believe you would need a slider to get the length of cut you will require.I found it too dangerous to attempt again and resort to my bandsaw and a plane.
  2. Man I am not sure who Paul Gilbert is but I am sure I won,t be taking the comparison as a compliment. I like the idea of alternating grain rosewood.I am going to take a closer picture and see if it changes anyones mind . I really like the contrast. Rich
  3. The Fhole is actually fake MOP and looks better in person.It is also not placed on top but flush with the top. I truly wish I had never cut out the F hole but looked horrible before I filled it in.Lack of interior prep work was the culprit Thanks Rich
  4. This was a quick little project that ended up taking about a year.Had the body ready for finishing in a couple of nights and was dyed with water based aniline the next day. That was when I realized that I had routed the pickup cavities 0.25 of an inch out of centre. The body almost became firewood but about 6 months later I gave it another go. The pickguard covers the routing booboo and as much as I don't like pickguards this one doesn't bother me. I love the colour of this one.Learned a lesson on not using too much water when wetsanding and have a couple of blemishes in the lacquer but mostly around the knobs and are mostly covered. Tuners are vintage style Klusons and bridge pu is a Seymore Duncan and the neck is a Dimarzio.Both are from the early 80's Not a bad player and with the pickups sounds excellent
  5. Another recently completed guitar. This one was started about a year ago and has had it's share of problems.It was supposed to be a solid mahogany Tele but over the winter the completed body cupped significantly. I ran it back through the planer and capped it with the curly maple.Binding is 6 ply pvc. The other problem I had was drilling for the string through ferrules a little off.Close but looked bad enough that I had to do something.I added in a maple block the same as the top and in the end became a nice feature. Tuners are Grovers and the pickups are Alnico humbuckers. Guitar is a nice player and does not sound anything like a Tele.Has a nice crunch but reasonable clean. Back was left natural and left a semi gloss.Top was dyed with water base aniline dye and coated in Nitro. Happy enough with this one and will be replacing the pickups with some Dimarzio's I have kicking around. Thanks Rich
  6. This is one of a number of guitars that I have just completed Rosie has a completely chambered maple body and a rosewood cap.Binding is walnut. Neck is Canadian maple and rosewood fretboard. I didn,t like the F hole so I filled it with some pickguard material and am satisfied with it now. Bridge pu is a US Fender and the neck pu is a generic alnico but sounds not to bad.Tone is a little bright on the bridge but the neck seems to darken it up nicely. This is a great player and has been my player for about 2 months now.Very happy with the outcome. Thanks Rich
  7. The threaded rod at the body was ground down to the same as the pilot hole for strap button and the one is ground down to fit inside the truss rod nut.The thing going into the imput jack holds it from spinning. It holds the guitar very solidly and this is an extremely heavy guitar
  8. This is a Bass I carved a few years back If we could find a drummer that played on skulls we would have a hell of a band
  9. That is some fine looking lumber. How soft is the cedar?I would be terrified not to put a pickguard on it. Looking Fantastic!!
  10. Thanks for all the replies This is a better picture of the top Needless to say that this is going to be a back breaker.I thought about chambering this but decided to suffer the weight.I hope it is worth it. 6 more coats and it's done
  11. This is a picture of the way it sits now Also showing off my new guitar rotisserie that I use for spraying this peticular guitar.With this I can spray flat and can lay on a nice wet coat with no runs.
  12. Thanks for the replies.The colour is gold and is on it's 9th coat..Will post pics tomorrow.This is an old pic but shows the mahogany nicely
  13. Been a while since I have posted anything but have had a rough go lately This is an LP that I built while I was going through chemotherapy.People react differently to the drugs they give you and unfortunately it really affected my hands.My fingers were very sensitive and had to work with cotton gloves on when I built this guitar. Any way enough of the excuses The back is beautiful 20 year old mahogany given to me by a good friend and the top is curly maple donated to me by the same good friend. The picture I have shown is from about 4 months ago and the guitar has progressed nicely. The frets are now set and have strung it up and plays very well.This was the first neck that I have made. Specs are as follows Grover tuners Late 70's Dimarzios(haven't heard them yet) Gotoh bridge and tailpiece Gibson jumbo frets Real mother of pearl fret markers Standard LP switching All gold hardware This guitar was a number of firsts for me.First neck;first archtop;first fret inlay;and first bound. The colour is a trans Gold that shows the figuring very nicely and the back and neck were left natural and all done in nitro. I am at 6 coats so far and is looking quite nice. Will post pics soon of it's current condition No longer have to wear gloves and life is good Rich
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