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  1. Thanks guys, yes i posted this before then gave up. I have tried different multimeter tests. goofy voltage or sometimes no voltage?? Sometimes there is no voltage at the red wires when the AMP is on.??? Is this cuz the Caps are already loaded and its not needing juice? Does it only take juice when it needs it? The yellow wires are extensions of the red ones. The red ends are soldered as seen. I cant find any solders with a sharp break. It has a gain switch but no gain adjustment. ***Sometimes the amp wants to 'fade' like the power is waning. I think it may go along with the gain fu
  2. I have a "GL-10" cheapo amp with 5 wires from the transformer. Two from 120v, then 3 out, i dont know where the black one goes or what its for, it came off while i was attempting a mod. The amp has a gain switch that still works.............?? I have been googling and searching for months.
  3. OK, checked what i could and the 7 volt readings didnt help me much. But I did find out that the extra wire has to do with the gain/distortion switch on the amp based on it sounding terrible set there. It sounds fine on the clean setting so i will just keep it there and use my foot pedals for any effect adjustments. Thanks
  4. Thank you mate, The tan "thing" is in fact a 3 pin plug which was not used. I did find an extra wire on the floor that had the extended end i made and the other end was the short original wire that was not cleanly cut, It clearly broke off of the board. Is there a way to connect it to the middle pin without frying something, a way to check...........ohms etc????? Oh, and btw, the larger wires like the yellow for example are extension wires i added.
  5. I'm not very good at electronics, but i was moving my amp guts to another cabinet and now I have an extra wire??? Out of the transformer(?) i think. Where does it go to?? Its sounds like crap now too, Crackly and weak. Help, Thanks
  6. Thank you for your comments sir, I was thinking a 175 was more generic for the big body with the cutaway, instead of the double cut away rounded 335's.....................and yes, unconventional for sure! My friends love it
  7. Hi Scott, I was worried about the sound a little bit, but the basic structure is still an electric underneath, it has the added mellowness of the acoustics now. I have been playing it quite a bit and am quite satisfied with my effort. Thanks!!
  8. Hi Ladies and Gents! Thanks for having me here. Been playing Guitar and Bass for 40 years now in many forms, Garage Band, L.A. scene, Casual and now a Rockin Church Praise team(5 guitars, Bass, keys, drums, Trumpet, Trombone and Sax)............. I am a die-hard Classic Rock fan but also like some mid/late 80's stuff. I find myself listening to early 70's folk type stuff...............Seals and Croft, Gerry Rafferty, Simon and Garfunkel, etc...................... Anyway, I have had a number of guitars in my life but i recently Built one...................... Sort of.................
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