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  1. Wow, Scott, had missed this thread until now. Very refined. Love them curves and the stunning maple top. Ash back looks so similar to one I started a couple of years ago I still haven't finished due to messing up the headstock! One of the things I never liked about the Les style was the lack of back contours but you have done a lovely job. You can just tell it would feel amazing to pick up and play.
  2. Hey, bud! I've had three tops now and they always show up well packaged. No issues at all as they always live up to the pictures. Am definitely going back for more as I try and build a portfolio of work. Can't afford premium prices yet.
  3. Jim, I'm also from the SS forums (Walshy) and it's nice to see you posting here as well. The guys are extremely knowledgeable and helpful - Pros is like 24/7 luthier support! Did you get that bookmatched top from a certain seller in China, by the way? I thought I recognised the picture as I love me a bargain off eBay!
  4. Great to see you back building again. Your attention to detail is remarkable. Your designs and wood combos really remind me of Carillion Guitars in the UK. And being a sucker for a purple-stained top, I was blown away by the two you recently did!
  5. I use the same shielding paint. It stretches really far for such a small bottle. Seafoam with off white sounds awesome. Looking forward to this coming together, Rob.
  6. Just wanted to say I'm loving your work, Mr Kemp, and thanks for the pointers on multiscales/neutral fret positions etc. I'm doing my first one at the moment and to realise I don't need a slanted bridge or pups is a lot less hassle and money spent!
  7. No worries! I should have figured you made them, but now I know to look for L aluminium profiles to help me on my way. Loving what you did with the Hannes too - great solution to make it multiscale.
  8. Can you show me where? The VS100, when I google it, has a one-piece base but yours are individual bases for each saddle.
  9. Lovely work, well done. Please tell me where you found those individual Wilkinson saddle bases - they are exactly what I'm looking for to finish a prototype fanned fret model I'm halfway through.
  10. These look phenomenal. You could hang them as wall art, they look that interesting. Glad to know the californiawoods people aren't ripping us off as it sounds very intensive.
  11. I was going to say, yeah, don't wait for the sun to return and just make a DIY UV oven for winter curing! Great idea. Let me know how you get on because I think this is one of the best options around. I know all the big factories use UV curing and it sounds like the time saved would be a big bonus for the one man shops like many of us have.
  12. Thanks for posting your experiments on here. So many articles I read about finishing with lacquers are US-based where the humidity/UV levels are totally different to Blighty, so I look forward to seeing what your conclusions are once you've spray tested.
  13. It sounds excellent in that video you posted. What pickups did you use, Massimo?
  14. The talent on here blows my mind sometimes. Obviously your inlay work is incredible, but the overall package is extremely classy in every regard. As you said, the only improvement you might have made is using the EVO gold fretwire, but you can always upgrade them one day if you wanted to. I'm definitely not entering GOTM this month now, haha! Honestly, this may be the nicest Les Paul I've ever seen. Would hate to try and value it but surely we're talking many thousands.
  15. Thanks, Seb. Classy logo you did there. I've just got some decal paper to try out but I'm also experimenting with a laser cut rubber stamp for my signature logo. I figured the stamp gives me as many colour options as I want and it's just a case of finding the right ink/paint to use with it.
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