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  1. Ugh I don't like wenge. It looks good and smells good, but I'm allergic to it. I get hives whenever I breathe/smell it. But I can't deny that it does look nice. Nice progress!
  2. Thought it would be interesting to get to know people's work environment more. So... The title says it all - Do you listen to any music when you're working at your shop? (or wherever you build your guitars). And if so, what type of music do you usually listen to? And how - portable MP3's, boomboxes, or built-in speaker?
  3. Where do you live?? Toronto?? I'm ordering stuff from StewMac this weekend.. If you want.
  4. [quote name='Mattia' post='343430' date='Aug 8 2007, 04:40 AM']playability is about string and setup, not acoustic or electric. Honestly, I'm surprised folks are going for factory guitars. I don't even own any guitars I didn't build any more, and the only ones I see myself owning in future (if any) are old/interesting/vintage ones I can learn from and enjoy in their own right. And/or trades. One guitar: self-built acoustic, Cocobolo/Bearclaw Euro, Grand Auditorium. For electrics it'd be a chambered singlecut, maybe doublecut PRS-ish thing. Self-built. Probably blue. Or tiger eye.[/quote] The strings and the neck profile especially in the upper frets were what I meant.
  5. This is a really tough question. I really like acoustic, but want the playability of an electric as well. So it's Taylor T5 for me. (Although... [size=1]PRS's are pretty tempting too.)[/size]
  6. I love my Damage Control Demonizer Tube Distortion. It's got a lovely Mesa Boogie-ish grain, also has a boost.
  7. Nice one! Haven't seen a spalt project in a long time!
  8. Nice Guitar. Very pretty =) I got a question though: You said that neck was a bolt-on? AND it's angled? How did you manage that?
  9. what kind of neck/headstock joint is that? that's not scarf is it? it seems like a block of wood just angled and glued? if so, is that stable?
  10. Hi, I'm a university student in Toronto, and it looks like I'm going to move out in a year or a bit longer.. next August by latest I have a garage at the moment with some power tools and drill press, band saw, etc. all the small stuff But as I move out, I was wondering.. If there's any place in Toronto where I can pay hourly and use machines and tools? Also, this would actually save me lotta time as well, as I think my guitar building would go lot faster if I had a planar, circular saw, and variety of sanders I tried searching through Google like.. "toronto wood-shop" but nothing.. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. Razorback! But you need a good paint job.. no solid color. If you can't do any graphics.. then Alexi with contour outline
  12. you know.. I have a Jackson Kelly with a Schaller Floyd Rose Trem I bought for $200US.... now I'm trying to sell it, but man people really don't like the shape... I'd suggest you look around for one, their retailed prices are high, but the used ones sell really cheap and js30ke was like what.. $300 new?
  13. Hey I currenly have a PRS copy at work, but I don't like the neck I built, so I'm going to cut it off and add a set neck OR... http://prsguitars.com/swampashspecial/img/main3.jpg Something like that (PRS double cut Swamp Ash Special But that looks dangerous.. Any ideas on how deep that should be and the neck heel - does it have to be longer than normal to be stable? I don't think I've seen any guitar with a bolt-on action right under a humbucker. Making a bolt-on neck on an existing guitar body will be easier for me, but stability?? Any ideas? Thanks
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