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  1. What's a CD....? Here's a link to my ongoing collection of dodgy demos, "The Emperor's New Clothes"... Or... https://www.reverbnation.com/guardiansoftheslowlane
  2. The "right" tools are often an idealistic luxury that can be somewhat overcome with patience, elbow grease and the "wrong?" tool. When I started work on my first semi-hollow I used a jigsaw for the profile, a panel saw to cut a back panel from the main body and was planning to do the entire hollow with chisels...!!! I had no clue how I was ever going to make the neck but bought a cheap spokeshave in preparation. It worked for me and I'm still not sure if that's the tool that others rely on for neck shaping? I saw a pretty impressive bass guitar build on another forum by a guy in India. Th
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