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  1. I've been experimenting with epoxy resin as a finish, I have just made a sign for my eldest who inherited a pub in his garden. after painting the carvings and sealing the wood I poured a coat of epoxy over the whole thing. after letting it curve for about a week I sanded and polished it leaving a glass like finish. Would this process be suitable for a guitar body or am I missing something.
  2. What is more amazing is that you are reading this post some 2 and a half years after I posted it, obviously you have too much time on your hands, maybe you need a hobby to keep yourself amused maybe something like building really good guitars that I can drool over, oh wait a minute you already do that.
  3. I'm liking this a lot, am I right in thinking that's pencils and resin, can't wait to see that finished
  4. I've not used padauk so I can't make a comparison but the sawdust is not a bright orange and I think my second picture doesn't show the colour accurately. It's finally stooped raining here so managed to take a pic outside. A pic of my current project, the ring has a few coats of Danish oil and the other is straight off of my CNC at least on my laptop the colour is more accurate.
  5. I must admit that I haven't done an extensive search but there is not a lot of information about this wood on line but I did find that one thank you.
  6. That is true Scott luckily I've been on this forum for quite a while and have picked up a lot of ideas and techniques from some of you guys that have a lot more experience than I have.
  7. Guys when I was at my usual hardwood supplier I came across some Tali wood, I'd never heard of this before and got some for a non guitar related project but was wondering if this would be suitable for using for a guitar.it is quite heavy and I'm told is very stable and although tough on tools it does machine well
  8. I think I've said this before but I'm going to say again anyway, I just love your carving and that headstock is just amazing.
  9. I don't care what people say, this old dog has learnt a lot of new tricks since I retired, You are never to old to learn you just need the right attitude. Forums like this really helped me to get inspired not only to make guitars but to make a whole bunch of other wood related stuff. My latest toy is an Inventible's X carve cnc, which has got the biggest learning curve of all the tools in my workshop but hey learning is fun and it helps keep that old grey matter alive.
  10. I must say @ScottR I just love your carving, I have tried it in the past but found it to be a steep learning curve, have you a natural talent or is it just years of practice.or perhaps some other secret.
  11. What you actually show Andy is how you get incredible results, many people approach building in different ways but your way obviously works well for you, another stunning result, I'm not surprised that Tim is pleased with it.
  12. +1, I love different and looking forward to watching it progress hopefully with rewarding yields
  13. Congrats @Norris a well deserved win, I enjoyed all 23 pages of your build, I take it the next one is going to be a rush build maybe 18 months or so:)
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