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  1. Hey PG readers! Happy new year... At least as happy as it can be So, the first build of the year 2021 is another custom KR3. This time in black with Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan pups (to be swapped out with some BKPs before sending to my client). Enjoy the pics, comments welcome
  2. Thank you for the great reply, mistermikev, very much appreciated
  3. Another new build, just completed... Custom KR3 6-string, based on a similar 8-string version I did a couple of years back, with Buckeye Burl on Ash body, Wenge/Maple 3-piece neck, Zebrano multiscale fretboard (26.5-25.5"), Hipshot Grip-lock tuners, Single String Guitar Bridges, EMG 81-7/707 pickups and matte PU finish
  4. Sorry for the late reply... Thank you very much indeed! This new KM2 is looking set to be one of my favourite builds of all time
  5. That (new KM2 shape) archtop build posted August 20...
  6. Hey dude, I use 2k matte SprayMax for my finishes. Easy to use, cures quick and offers great finish
  7. Thanks dude. All these are finished with 2k Polyurethane. Thanks Simon. I have a website (link in signature) but you're likely to find more information reading through my past threads Unfortunately, no YouTube channel as I'm simply too shy to talk and look into a camera! Thanks dude. That's a Gotoh Floyd Rose installed in that guitar.
  8. And one of said other builds nearly ready for finishing...
  9. Hello! I hope everyone is safe and well out there. The past few months have been a little manic... And very quiet... So here's a little update on what's been happening during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 and the guitars that have materialised from the Kemp Guitars workshop. Enjoy! And finally... We have other builds in progress and our custom order books are open
  10. No problem, I'm always happy to help I would recommend SprayMax 2k clear coat, assuming you're after something in a spray can. It's proper 2k (there's a small cannister of hardener within the main can which has to be released prior to spraying) so cures rock hard but you will need a decent mask and ventilation. Not sure where you are located but it's available on eBay (amongst other places) in the USA and Europe. Sadly no YouTube channel... I'm too shy to stand in front of a camera
  11. Been making a bit if dust in the shop the last couple of days. Got myself some American Walnut and Black Limba to play around with - full reveal coming soon...
  12. Thanks dude. I use Polyurethane clear coat as a sealer nowadays
  13. ... In the meantime, getting this one ready to ship shortly... Custom SS with Quilted Maple drop-top on Alder body, Flame Maple bolt-on neck, Ebony fretboard with Blood Basin Jasper dots, Gotoh TOM and 381 Magnum Locking tuners, Seymour Duncan Custom 5 (bridge)/Distortion (neck) pups and that red-black burst matte finish
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