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  1. This is looking so cool Lots of 'out of the box thinking' involved in this one!
  2. I'll second that - I'd love to get my hands on a bit of Ziricote.
  3. I reckon you should treat yourself and get one, Norris. I've got one too and it's much better than the Bosch palm routers I've been using in the past (GKF600s). I use a Triton (which I also love) for big jobs but this little Makita is brilliant for more intricate stuff.
  4. You may have regrets about that axle-flag, but I don't think you should have any regrets about scratching around on a 70's RD350... *...jealous...
  5. Which conductive paint do you use Rob? I've been planning on checking out Bare Conductive's 'Electric Paint', but it would be good to get a heads up on any alternatives.
  6. Congratulations on the new arrival mate That guitar is awesome too, I love how the light colour of the fretboard seems to flow into the body.
  7. Welcome Matti, I have to agree with these guys, that is one lovely guitar. The sallow burl looks almost translucent. I reckon we'd all like to see a few of your other builds.
  8. Maybe Will is making a Sprat-ocaster. or a Bass. ...I'll get my coat...
  9. Absolutely gorgeous Norris, well worth the wait! It's hard to believe it's your first build, there's so many brilliant little touches. Such a cool colour too. Can't wait to see more.
  10. Congrats for the GOTM win, looking forward to more inlay wizardry...
  11. I've noticed that some guitarists dislike Oak for various reasons too. I'll not argue with them when it comes to discussions of how wood affects tone, but I'd disagree about aesthetics, I think Oak guitars look pretty cool. I've got an old Westone Thunder bass that's made of oak and it looks great. Some of the guys here will probably know the details better, but I think Westone guitars were made at the same factory as Aria pro basses in the 1980's (more as a tribute than a copy) and they look very similar to Aria Pro's, many of which were Oak too. So, yeah. One vote for Oak
  12. absolutely bloody gorgeous. I dunno which I like more, silver or gold hardware, both look great on that dark wood. And that shape is such a cool fusion of classic and modern. Hats off to you Osorio, you've played a blinder
  13. Completely agree, the maple/wenge looks fantastic, especially with that beautiful top. How did you find working with the tulipwood Rob? I used it on a project a couple of years ago (for Louis Vuitton, don't you know..) and really liked using it, but found it a bit soft.
  14. If Ironman decided to buy himself a guitar, I reckon he'd go for this one. Looks great, well done
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