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  1. Hello wondering if anybody knows where i can get long scale guitar strings. I'm building hybrid bass/guitar from a Fender VI where the low E and A are bass stings and the remaining 4 are standard tuned guitar strings. It's all strung but the high E from standard guitar set isnt long enough. So, i need a .09 or .10 that can fit on the high E of a fender VI, which is a 30" scale, so the string would need to be about 2 inches longer than the standard electric guitar length. I thought of using a baritone set but I can't find one with a lighter high E than .12. Th longer scale makes a .12 feel
  2. Wow! those look cool! hard to tell by the photos but it looks like both instruments have regular guitar strings, does the low string pickup go into an octave pedal or something like that? thanks for the reply
  3. thanks for the response! "Why do you want this setup? What is the goal?" I'm working on a one-man band project where i play bass and guitar simultaneously using hybrid picking (pick on the low strings and fingers on the high strings). I also thought of putting bass strings on the E and A of a telecaster but they won't fit in the tailpiece/nut and i'm afraid the tension would pull on the neck too hard. thanks!
  4. Hello friends, looking for some advice about a guitar project idea i have. I want a hybrid bass/guitar, essentially a six stringed instrument where the low E and A stings are an octave down (like the E and A string from a bass) and the remaining 4 strings are like a standard guitar (D, G, B, E.) I was thinking a fender bass VI might do the trick. Using bass stings for the low E and A and regular guitar stings for the remaining 4. Does anyone know if regular guitar strings will work on the Fender VI? and if so, would i need to use a lighter sting gauge to accommodate the longer scale leng
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