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  1. It's been a long time. Had a million and one jobs to do... But the big chunk of sapele is back on the workbench! I've almost finished sanding it and I'm about to put some grain filler in the pores. Hopefully I should have some pictures to post when I have some dye on the wood!
  2. This is the body, routed: The headstock isn't done yet, I often change my mind when I'm doing something so it may change again!
  3. I think this is what I've settled for: Hopefully I can start shaping the body this weekend.
  4. Thanks... I've made a change already. I'm going to make a pointy jackson/ibanez-type headstock. Simple because I've never made one. I'm waiting for delivery of the body wood and then I'll get started.
  5. Hi Following my first build (many mistakes and mini disasters) I've decided to build a single pickup 'G' guitar. It's sort of a Schecter Tempest, Les Paul double cutaway cross with a bolt on neck. Here's my finished templates: I learned so much from my last build.I keep telling myself that this build will be so much better. I'm putting a Seymour Duncan JB SH-4 in it with volume and tone controls. I've never done any binding so that might be in this build. Wish me luck!
  6. OMG! I think I'll give up now! Great work!!!
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