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  1. Yet Another Post! So I'm curious how you guys go about designing your guitar bodies! I personally do it all after I've found out where everything should be on the guitar itself. I then trace the shaps on tracing paper My own issues are proportions. How do you guys get your guitars into proportion? Tracing around your own or? Advice and tales fellas! Thanks R
  2. Update On the Design So, I have completely repositioned the bridge. It's a little further back then before because of the saddles, which have been loosened further. (Left Drawing shows it clearly) As you can see, I have also added the strings in, roughy. I calculated the string spacings and where they need to be on the nut which annoyingly took longer than it should have. All I had to do was (43-6)/5 which is the Nut Width take Fretboard to String gap divided by the total number of strings take 1, so 5. This gave me my spacings from the strings centres which I marked down. I then drew the strings saddle area on the scale like - obviously not where they'll be but it gives a rough area - and then drew the lines on. I have left the centre line in there which makes looking at it a bit confusing but it helps me work with it better. Further more I have sketched in the hum buckers routing. This is what I was looking for in the first place when I started this. This bridge pickup is not too close but not too far from the bridge to give warmth into it and not just treble. The neck pickup is hugging the neck like it should. Next I plan to draw the body on, the headstock which I am still designing - now thinking of a straight 6 design instead of 3x3 - and then add in the volume pot, tone pots and input jack. Everything is coming together! Thanks for reading! R
  3. Thanks @ScottR, that worked a treat! Check out my build thread soon, I'm posting some updates
  4. Hey Guys! So if you haven't seen my build that I'm doing, just check the link here. I need advice on how to get the string with placement on the nut. I've seen the spreadsheet calculator but it does not make much sense to me. My nut is 43 mm, 10.4mm string spacing at the bridge. Cheers R
  5. Bridge Adjustments So, taking on the advice of these kind guys I have unscrewed my bridges saddles further, the high E now 3-4mm further away from where it was so I can move the bridge back those few millimetres. This means redrawing the bridge! Woohoo! I now believe my bridge is in the correct position on the scale length. Once again, thank you everyone who have helped ( @ScottR, @curtisa and @charisjapan). What Next?? My plan next is to draw on the Body, Headstock and the frets on the fretboard. Just to clarify just incase there is confusion, I am going to be having 23 frets where I shave half on the 24th off. Thats why I have a ~3mm gap between the 24th fret and the pickup. Sorry if there is confusion. Then I will draw on the pickup position and then sketch the wiring out on tracing paper. I am going to have 1 volume knob and 2 tone knobs. I also want the jack on the front of the body. After that, I'm going to put the string contact points on the nut and sketch strings. Following this, I will probably draw a side view plan. Because I have a hardtail - and I'm lazy - I will have no neck angle, however my neck will be a bolt on so I can shim it if I need to so that I can adjust the action. R
  6. I'll check it, I guess I'm a bit too cautious! Thanks for the advice! I do believe everything is correct, however I am going to redo my saddles and perhaps get it more accurate. Thanks R
  7. I was thinking actually on cutting it off on the 24th fret and having, in essence, 23 and a half. So that was why I was having it 3 mm away. If this works or not i'm not sure! You'll have to tell me. Thanks! I'll have a gander and check it out! I understand now, I'll extend it out more, this'll mean my bridge will be further back and I'll have more room for pickups right? R
  8. Thanks for the reply! So are you saying that I should extend my saddle a bit more to get the whole bridge back a little bit? I'm not sure if my saddles get that close to the bridge. They leave quite a gap when fully extended. I'll have to do it and show you a picture, it'll be easier than just typing. R
  9. Thanks for the reply! Right now i'm not sure if I want to extend it anymore. I'll have a think about it . I'll have to measure that when i work on it next. The only thing that seems weird to me is that the High-E is normally the scale length. That's what i've been running off at the moment. Thanks R
  10. Thanks Scott, Just to check, is the positioning of the bridge here correct? The bridge scale line is where the high E will be at about 85% protrusion. Thanks, R
  11. Right, I have a new thread! Here it is, hope you enjoy! Thanks again to @ScottR, @curtisa and everyone else for their help.
  12. Hey Everyone! Welcome to my new thread on my first proper guitar build! I've been designing this for a while and I'm currently doing an accurate drawing of what it will look like. I had help from people like @ScottR, @curtisa and more to progress in my design and make it better. So thank you to all of them. Here is the link to that thread. Just so you know, I have experience with woodworking and others so I'm not going into this with nothing. The Design So I have been designing off of a telecaster, shape wise, as I have always loved the shape. Other guitars I have designed from include a PRS, Gibson and one of my current guitars, a Lag Arkane. It is a 25" scale with 24 Frets. To start this whole project off, I drew round my Lag Arkane body to get a rough outline. Then I shaped the guitar from that, adding the Telecaster shape. The headstock I designed off a PRS and a guitar that an old guitar buddy was given, a Seraph Sabre. Look him up, Jon Beedle. Here's the original rough design shape of both guitar and headstock. After I got the rough design, I attempted at creating an accurate design however it failed because of improper measurements. So I scrapped it, you can see it in the other thread. The Hardware and other stuff Wood I've been looking into different kinds of wood for this guitar, however I finalised on Black Korina for the body. I made this decision because 1 I like the wood and 2 I can get my hands on it quite easily! I'll need two halves of it so I can route out the middle of the guitar and then glue the top over it (If that makes sense). For the neck I was thinking just Mahogany as I have a lot of very old mahogany to use. It's about 200 years old! and then an ebony fretboard. Electronics I'm thinking humbuckers, don't know what yet (leave suggestion if you wish) but one in the bridge, one in the neck. I was looking into P90s but i'd rather use pickups I'm familiar with at first. I will have the input on the front, like an SG with two Tone and a Volume Knob. I'm hoping to use a Gibson switch as my selector for pickups. Other Stuff The bridge is cheap (£16) but I don't wast anything expensive at the moment. I got it from Northwest Guitars. It's a hardtail and it's chunky which is what I wanted. Currently up to this day I only have this. The Build Last night, 18/02/17, I embarked on a new adventure. I had the advice of people on the other thread, had the equipment, had the pride so I set off drawing a new design. I started by placing my ruler down on the table and drawing out a beautifully straight 25" line for my High E to nut scale. I then made a mark where the 24th fret will be and drew a line 90 degrees to it (you'll see in the pictures) and then added 3mm and that is where my pickup shall go. At the Bridge end of the scale length, I got my bridge that I bought and measured it up to the line with my High E. (My High E saddle is protruded 85%-ish-of the way out). I then went about sketching around the bridge. Then I took the Saddles off the bridge and drew the 5 holes where the bridge is screwed on and then the 6 holes for the strings-see images. From there, I got the measurement from E to E which was 54mm and added 4mm to each side. From there I drew a line from the middle marks on the bridge to the Nut in order to get the fretboard width. As shown in the first few drawings. Upon starting this at 11;25 on 19/02/17 this is all I have done. I plan on finishing this drawing soon and then buying the wood and starting!! Next I am going to mark the humbuckers and draw the body shape and headstock.
  13. Well bummer, I can't find the edit button. I will probably open up a new thread. Thanks, R
  14. Ah okay thank you, much appreciated. How can I change this threads title?
  15. I think I'll use this as a progress thread from now onwards. Can the title be changed? Where on the forum should I post about the technicalities of stuff? Just so I know . R
  16. Yea, could do although this section seem quiet appropriate anyway being the In progress build area? Could the title just be changed?
  17. @ScottR I've started to redraw the guitar now. Should I open another Topic to talk about it or what? Cheers, R
  18. Yea, I get it. Thanks a lot Scott. I have started to redraw it and drew the centre line and then just two lines showing the 25" scale length from the high E (As is on the saddle) to the nut. When you say located properly, what do you mean? R
  19. That, is one beautiful guitar there @ScottR. I'm jealous!
  20. I understand now, thanks. Currently all of my saddles are in a line at the same place. How should I go about adjusting it? Screwing in each saddle a few turns? Adding a turn on for each saddle closer to the lower E? Or just do that when I make the thing? I always love a little leeway in my stuff just to make room for adjustments either way if necessary. I guess it's just my safety procedure! Cheers again, R
  21. Indeed it will, I understand now. Attached is a picture of my bridge that I received The saddles are like this at rest, I have not adjusted it at all. why should I do it as far forward? Shouldn't it be better in the middle for it to intonate?
  22. Once again they're lovely! I thought about p-90s but went against it for now. I wanted to check the distance to the fretboard to check how large of a difference it is compared to mine . R
  23. That's a beautiful guitar! What pickups are they?? Once I get my bridge through the post, I am going to completely redraw it. Make everything as accurate as possible!! What's the measurement of your guitar from the High e saddle to the fretboard? Thank you, R
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