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  1. sounds like a normal 4 conductor passive to me. all active pups ive dealt with have 3 wires-grnd, hot and signal
  2. the reason you are not supposed to ground your bridge is because of the 9 volt. if your playing and touch a mic while singing you could get a nasty shock. and its not needed with active pups
  3. from what im told, it is compatable with any 2 part automotive clear coat. HOK, PPG, SIKKENS, etc. should work. make sure you get it from an autobody supply store, not and automotive store.
  4. lmi wont radius probably because they sand the radius by machine and bloodwood burns very easily
  5. my next is a replica of David Gilmour's candy red strat with the emg set (he has 4-5 identical candy red strats but only one has the emg's)
  6. from my understanding the bass side is supposed to be staggered roughly 1/8" further than the treble side. that looks like at least 3/8". but who cares, as long as it sounds good.
  7. one tip. dont buy cheap sandpaper. go to an autobody supply shop. not an automotive store, go to the same place that all the bodyshops go to get their supplies and buy the expensive paper. you will spend about as much as you have on the cheap paper, get less, and accomplish alot more in less time.
  8. im no expert but, from what ive been tought there is no need to wet sand your colour coat that fine if your gonna clear it. 400 - 600 grit wet/dry should be fine, when you clear it the clear will fill in the fine scratches. remeber you want the clear to create a mechanical bond as well as a chemical bond. if you polish your colour coat the clear will peel
  9. you have to remember that gibson and epi. use a curved truss rod, so you have a fair bit less wood to work with in the middle than at each end of the neck
  10. read this. thread. there is a reason the other sites only carry logarithmic (audiotaper) pots. the linear pots you have on order will have barely any change from say 10 - 6 (10 being wide open) and all of a sudden change the tone quite rapidly after that. the log (audio taper) pots will have a smoother mor gradual change
  11. i was just going to say that. linear taper pots will have the majority of the change in tone at one end of the pots travel. electrically they are 100%linear but we dont perceive so. log (audio taper) pots will be even and smooth
  12. true, but the output from the pickups does hit the volume put first, either from the pickup itself or from a switch etc..... at least from what ive seen. i should have worded my reply differently
  13. which ever pot your pickup wire goes to is your volume, then there will be a cap joining the second pot to the first. just curious, emg?
  14. doesnt matter how many turns or the dc resistance(which doesnt determine how hot the pup is anyway) most will be a very weak pup that is boosted and eq'd by an internal preamp, hence the need for a battery on board
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