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  1. Ok, will list and if anyone wants pics, requests to khracing@yahoo.co.uk (is being funky and it's taking ages to get replies out) 1, Brand new in packet Edge bar Plastic washers £3 each (2 of) 2, Rg5xx/7xx series Truss rod cover and screws £5 3, Trem claws and screws £3 each (3 of) 4, Edge spring clamps/bars (screw on block) £2 each (2 of) 5, 1 pair of Ibanez Chrome buttons £3 (very worn) 6, 1 pair of Ibanez Cosmo buttons £3 (very worn) 7, 1 Pair of Ibanez? JS buttons £5 (mint) 8, 1 pair of Floyd rose Inserts and trem posts £5 (very worn (+ screw type) 9, 1 Pair of Ibanez Edge Posts
  2. Should be a fiver postage, thanks for pointing it out bro ... Updated the listing, but cant edit the postage details so have left a remark instead As for the body, Blame Ibanez Rob
  3. Auctions Run down so you dont have to look - Genuine NOS GMC PafPros Ibanez rg570 body Ibanez Backplates X2 Morley Wah Jackson Floyd Rose Rob
  4. Got recently, Has had a rear crack repaired, Sold as is for £60 Or sanded back smooth and re-finished for £120 Ask for pics, and i will sort em all out for ya Had this set-up and the crack does'nt affect anything, Just looks a tad unsightly Regards Rob P.S. Free Shipping with PayPal
  5. Ok, Had a few more bits - £150 the lot, plus £15 shipping in the UK which is the complete lot listed below !!! Bargain !!! So updated list is - 1 Comicbook RG520 Body - £75 (shpping at £7.50) 2 2 X AANJ kits, Screws and Washers - £30 each (shipping around £3) 3 Ibanez Flouro Orange Knobs and Switch tip £10 (shipping around £3) 4 1 Set of Chrome JS Strap Buttons £8 (shipping around £3) 5 1 Set of Worn Cosmo Strap Buttons £5 (shipping around £3) 6 1 DiMarzio Clip-lock in Blue - New out of packet - No Hardware £10 (shipping around £3) 7 1 Set of Locking Trem Posts £25 (shipping around
  6. Ok guys, Need to move these as quick as possible. Comicbooked rg520 Mahogany body, Needs clear and back and sides sorted, £100 (shipping to be arranged) Ask for Pics, Brian will tell me off as they are a bit rude Will clear and finish for £150 Dimarzio X2N In Creme £30 (shipping about £3) Dimarzio Paf In Creme £30 (as above) Both from around 79/80 and sound bloody great !!! 2 X AANJ kits, Screws and Washers - £30 each (shipping around £3) Ask any and all questions, However silly you may feel they are, Serious buyers only, None of the flaky drop outs i've been getting Re
  7. http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZibanezuk Hope that works, Rob
  8. Pickups gone ... £400 + £20 shipped for the pickup less rg770 Thanks Rob
  9. 520qs Body, has been comicbooked (needs clear, back and sides re-fin) £150 (will strip back to bare mahogany for free) 5xx Neck, Very thin, good condition (no hardware) £150 Cosmo Lo_pro £90 Cosmo Tuners and retaining bar £30 Dimarzio Paf £35 creme Dimarzio x2n £35 creme Rob Please E-mail for pics ( khracing@yahoo.co.uk )
  10. Neck and bridge Evo's, Chrome finish, about as rare as you can get now, especially in the minty condition they are in, HS3 not rare, But the Chrome cover (DiMarzio stamped) Is, Looking for £350 obo Shipped anywhere, These have sat in my rg770 since bought, and hardly played, Will unsolder and package so they are bomb proof. Thanks for looking Rob
  11. Will do Bro, Will let ya know when/If i get some. Thanks Bowser Rob
  12. After AANJ sets myself bro, But if i get some they'll appear in the classifieds either here "the othersite" or eBay Rob
  13. I know a few of you dig my wife, So i thought i would change it, It' the very cleanest one i could find Never realised before what a perv i am Sorry i've not been around much, but it's a lack of modding so far, but have a few things up my sleeve and incoming Regards, and HI all you peeps that know me Rob
  14. Frets in great condition, Neck in great condition, headstock, a couple of scratches but nothing major Prices as follows £100 Just Neck £125 With Tuners £145 With Nut and Retainingbar £160 With AANJ bolts £200 With attached Lo-Pro (ALL Hardware cosmo and in good nick, Cept the Lo-Pro which is pitted a fair amount) Postage in UK £10 everywhere else £20 Email khracing@yahoo.co.uk for pics, or check webby http://www.aubz13.dsl.pipex.com/ under RG520 :-) In Gallery Regards Rob
  15. 7 string Lo-Pro has gone, as have 4 others Sory dude, may get some more soon ? Rob MERRY XMAS
  16. Jackson Parts 1, Charvel/Jackson elec cavity plate £5 Shipped UK 2, Charvel Jackson Neck Screws £5 Shipped UK 3, Jackson Black Football Jack Mountin Plate £5 Shipped UK Ibanez Parts 1, Ibanez Neck plate(worn and crazed) Plastic spacer and screws £20 Shipped UK 2, Worn cosmo strap buttons £5 Shipped UK 3, Full RG7/UV rear cavity covers VGC £15 Shipped UK 4, AANJ Screw and washer set of 4 VGC £25 Shipped UK 5, RG550 etc Truss rod cover & Screws, £5 Shipped UK 6, VGC Edge/Lo-Pro Trem bar £10 Shipped UK 7, Edge/Lo-Pro Spring clamp bars x2 (screw to bottom of block) £5 S
  17. here is the linky UV777BK Auction Regards and a Merry Xmas Rob
  18. Every single word of it unfortunately,thank god he's gone now Rob *edited section* Actually, to be perfectly honest there is about 30 more pages could be written about HIS antics
  19. My Wifes Auction This is HER mum not mine, Have a read and a chuckle Rob MERRY XMAS ALL
  20. Nope, Wes moved it here Rob
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