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  1. Hiya fellas, I am looking for a neck for a sub scale bass build. 30" scale or less. Budget is really tight so looking for a 'blem' or overstock type thing. Ebay electric guitar necks seem affordable but I don't know if they are toy like I need a lefty and the cheapest 30" scale I can find online is too expensive for me at the moment
  2. Thanks mate, Just regular fender copy neck from ebay. 30" is the max length of an instrument that I can fit in the cockpit I spend hours of idle time and I want to spend it learning to play bass. This will be done headless and custom body and all new parts. Only the neck is giving me a headache (or should that be neck-ache :)) I intend to further convert the neck into FRP sandwich using unidirectional carbon and or glass under woven cloth and epoxy encapsulation
  3. I have been reading on various online discussions that an electric guitar neck is not strong enough to run bass strings. Thot I'd ask the folks really in the know I want to build a sub scale bass, I can get by using a 30" scale neck but the only lefty one I can find is a quite dear. Trying to find a 'blem' but no joy. Guitar necks seem quite affordable by comparison but are they strong enough?
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