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  1. Hey guys building my first guitar and have decided to do a set neck. At the point where i want to router out the neck pocket. My question is for the connection i have seen lots of tenon style designs. I was wondering if i can leave the neck full size, as in leaving it the same width as the fretboard? The only downside i could see is that i have to make the joint where neck meets body perfect.
  2. Thanks alot will definitely take a look at the schaller sight.
  3. Hey guys this is my first time on this site. Have started a couple of guitar builds for the first time and am loving it. The first 2 i am using a tune o matic but for my next one i want to do a floyd rose tremolo with a locking nut. Im just in the planning stages of the third one and i like to draw top and cross section views of the guitar full scale. But i cant seem to find anything on the floyd rose site about the length of the locking nut. It tells me the width of the nut but not the perpendicular measurement. Does anyone own one that could measure what theirs is. Also are the locking nuts slightly tapered for the neck, or are they just square and the extra length of the nut compared to a standard nut is just so minuscule that it does not matter. I hope that made sense. I know i will have to order one and i can get all the measurements i need when i get it.But it might be a bit before i get it and i want to get these drawings done. Any help would be greatly appreciated .
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