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  1. One Eyed Jack's Decal Shack - Custom logo decals for guitars, and also custom graphics for DIY effects pedals. Choose between waterslide, rub-on transfer, or heavier weatherproof polyester decal material. You can also choose between clear decal material (for light colored backgrounds), and colored decal material (for dark backgrounds). Your design or mine: I can do your logo using your design if you have one, or, I can design one for you. If you have your own, the preferred format is PSD or PDF, but I can use pretty much any format you have available. If you need me to design on
  2. Now offering 3 different types of material for custom headstock decals, as well as custom graphics for DIY effects pedals.


  3. Anyone need custom Waterslide decals? I make em and sell them on eBay, but I offer them a lot cheaper to members of the guitar building groups I'm in. 3 decals $12 Half sheet (as many as I can fit on an 8.5"x5.5" sheet) $20 Full sheet (8.5"x11") $30 Signature decals I can use your actual signature on your decal (example in the images). I just need a good picture of it. Signature service is an extra $15. Free shipping in the U.S.. Shipping to other countries is $5 without tracking, and $25 with tracking. Payments via PayPal, credit or debit card. How it works.
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