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  1. Hey Jadaegd Its actually almost done! Im just about to start staining. IM doing a blood red sunburst from the centre of the body, fading out into a jet black. It wasnt as much of a hassle as i thought it would be! Ive got all the hardware and parts, and the few tools and machines i have in my workshop were more than enough for me to build this amazing guitar! when its finished, ill post a pic!
  2. My project of making an 8 string guitar from scratch. I am planning on building an 8 string guitar from scratch. Im just looking for some advise, this is my first guitar, and i know and 8 string is not the best build for a first timer, but i have my heart set on it and i am fairly confident i can do it. I have basic woodworking skills and access to most necessary tools and facilities. I also have a mentor who has made many guitar in the past, although he has never made an 8 string and doesn't know to much about them. I have a budget of around $1200 - $150 and i kinda know what parts i wan
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