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  1. Hi to all members I am very happy to have joined this most interesting site,.. I Am a 78 y,old diy guitarist & like to tinker with effects ,mainly valve amps,tape echo, & just discovered the Great sustainer thread,I will build one for my old 20th annaversary squier strat . I would like to thank PETE &all that contributed to the SUSTAINER,PROJECT.. CHEERS FROM BARRY IN OZ..
  2. Hi pete I wish you well for your future life &very much THANKYOU For all the ground work you have given us on the sustainer project..it has been invaluable ,advice & you have proved it can be done with patience & the following of the entire thread. All the best Mate,BARRY IN SA.
  3. Hi Guys I AM NEW Here,,,to this site because of my interest in this magic sustainer thread that PETE has done the ground work,for us DIY FELLERS,,. MY Advice to all interested in building this SUSTAINER, is "READ,THE WHOLE,THREAD, Before asking to many questions, Cheers from an old 78 y,old diy guitarist...BARRY IN SA..
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