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  1. thanks guys. Haha, yes its a pretty bench. I told myself I'd just get it done but I guess I just like pretty things, and I had some oak and its a slippery slope from there!
  2. Hello, Been a while since I've posted. I've been behind the scenes watching all the projects. Always great info. We moved and I have a lot more space now to invest in a more ergonomic setup. I designed a workbench on how I like to build guitars and thought I'd share it since I've spent about the same amount of time on it, lol. Its a small work surface with interchangeable surfaces on all dimensions so you can alter the top to be what you want. I really just intended for one originally but it just worked out this way. It's also adjustable height from about 35" to 60" or so. I'm kind of tall so its very comfortable to me. I find myself using this feature more than anything besides the clamping system. The grid system is based on a clamp for dovetail channels. Couldn't decide between t-track or this which is why I made the interchangeable surfaces. Anyways, here she is.
  3. If I'm going to build guitars I really rather make something original. I think Andy hit the nail on the head. The encore is a style upgrade on a familiar body style. Even if people want something unique It seems they are generally very leery of going on that edge. They just have a hard time envisioning what that would be. Thanks for the opinions guys.
  4. I have someone wanting something unique. They liked the Encore but wanted a single cut or the even possibly the Pennant. I played around with the designs a little to get some possible contenders. I have a color scheme on the Pennant I really want to do. What you guys think? Encore is the "roundish" one and Pennant is the "pointy" one inspired by a flag. Nothing unique for the encore headstock yet.
  5. I think I remember seeing a thread about being careful not to make ziricote too dark. I cant seem to remember where that post is. Does anyone have any input on that? Thanks guys
  6. I think I'm going to stick with the pau ferro this time through. I want to do something with purpleheart or bloodwood though.
  7. Ah I really like that idea. I think that captures their theme really well. Man, I'm pretty sure ive sanded stone softer than ziricote. I feel like I'm sanding concrete.
  8. So its been a while. Moving, job, and everything else but I've got a new workshop and ready to continue my new instrument here. I've been doing some homework and have decided on a few changes and goals. I'm going to be using 2 klein mini-humbuckers. I have the timber for two options I'm excited about. a Pau Ferro combination or a purpleheart combination. What you guys think? Good to be back!
  9. Lol, Death by chocolate. Would be a good name. I'll have to try the ziricote fretboard. Never thought about that
  10. So I've figured out the wiring theme I'm going for. It will have 4 knobs, two tones and two volumes. The tones will actually have dual concentric pots one for treble and bass. There will be a master volume and one for just the neck and bridge. It will have a few other items but here's the basic positions. Still hunting for the right pickups. Oh and I'm about ready for the CAD part. I think my concept is getting closer. Not sure If I have enough meat to make the carve I want. May just do flat top for once. Added an inlay to fit the body at the headstock. The small loop there will have a slight carve to it as well. Starting to feel like a complete idea.
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