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  1. That last guitar has quite a cool finish! How did you achieve that? Is it copper?
  2. Aye sounds good. I’m in Stockton on Tees. Not sure where in terms of venue mind you. Will give it a look in to.
  3. Maybe there could be a forum meet up where everyone brings their guitars, shares tips, maybe a little jam etc. Just putting it out there! I’m in the UK but there could also be meet ups state side and elsewhere.
  4. A bit late I know, but congratulations! Awesome build in every way. Love the inlay
  5. Could do...Another possibility I have thought of is a quasi truss rod cover with a logo on. Could be wood and therefore easier to inlay.
  6. Getting a nice straight line took a while because ofcourse I couldn’t just run a router across it against a template Carving the back with the angle grinder did the job nicely, horrendous amount of dust though so I did that part outside. I actually liked working with it because it’s very predictable, no tear outs and other issues that I have experienced with wood. Will probably get a decal, thanks for the suggestions
  7. Unsure what to do in terms of a logo. It’s carbon fiber so I probably can’t just inlay in to it (maybe a straight line design using a disc on a dremel would work). Anyway...Toyed with the idea of either A - gluing a thin strip of wood laminate on to the headstock (I can’t go too thick because it’s already at about 16mm). Then inlaying something in to that B - A vinyl decal. Quick and dirty but ideal when pressed for time C - Maybe spray the logo on with a stencil D - Gluing the logo straight on there, maybe something made of metal Hmmm
  8. Incidentally, the neck rings like a bell when I do the tap test on it. Yes I know it’s all debatable, but I’m looking forward to how this sustains and sounds.
  9. Gold leaf although old swept up autumnal leaves could look quite interesting
  10. Yes lots of things going on in that piece of wood! Going to really pop when I put the epoxy on it! The inlay is old leaf with epoxy poured over it.
  11. So lots of things have changed since my last post on this thread! After a series of mishaps I was left rather deflated and so I made different plans for this neck...quite an ambituous (or risky depending on ones point of view). Basically I have a load of carbon fibre panels in the house that I got for free (from a friend of my fathers). For quite some time I have played around with the idea of laminating it all together with some epoxy and making a solid carbon fibre neck (as apposed to the normal way of doing it which is wrapping it round a wooden core). Ofcourse, this means no truss rod! I f
  12. This entry was simply off the scale brilliant, especially that inlay! Congratulations!
  13. Spectacular guitar, outstanding work. Bravo
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