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  1. Congratulations on your win this month! A marvellous build! Classy, elegant and yet funky, all in one! Very nice indeed.
  2. Gorgeous as always! There’s something about the bevelling on the edge of that fretboard that really tickles my fancy (she said)
  3. I have given that a thought and do have possible contacts. Just have limited time these days to work on things. We will see
  4. Well it is a build for myself (at the moment at least) so I may well go down that route
  5. Shaping up really nicely! Definitely got a cool look going on there. Nicely done
  6. Done some shaping of the back and an approximate test fit of the frets. So far so good. Trying to figure out a finish for the aluminium fretboard though. It scratches really easily. I suppose I could do epoxy. Thought about CA glue too? Not sure that would work but may try out on a test piece of metal. Maybe I don’t need a finish on there at all? Hmm. Suggestions welcome.
  7. Congratulations! A truly amazing looking guitar! Sleek and beautiful
  8. Truly beautiful work! I would be tempted to think of the filled in gap as a feature Still have a piece of olive wood lying around that I have yet to use. Hmm…
  9. Slow progress at the moment but had a change of plan…this may turn out to have been a foolish plan but we will see how it goes. I have tipped the neck on each side and filled in the bottom sections with epoxy. Thinning the neck whilst not melting it will be the main concern now.
  10. Congratulations Ash! Gorgeous guitar, but then I wouldn’t expect anything different based on your past builds
  11. Now I am the owner of a Schaller 3D6 bridge, some Perspex/lucite (picked up from the car boot sale for £5!) and an EMG M50 (mini bucker). Will be making the Perspex the required thickness with some acrylic ‘cement’. This will be on the ‘wings’ of the body. This is starting to take on a Travis Bean mixed with Dan Armstrong vibe will update soon when I get some more photos
  12. Thanks for the advice there! Great to know. I’ve been quite shy about the idea of moving the router anywhere close to the aluminium
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