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  1. Congratulations on the win! Awesome looking build
  2. Hmmm a metallic finish would give it a stylish twist, however if you want to continue time honoured tradition then you could go with the burst, it is quite a retro axe after all Not much help I guess
  3. Yes superglue can be hell, I used it as a finish recently and the blowback was unreal Ive found that Gluboost isn’t half as bad though. I think the cheaper stuff has more nastiness in it. Looking awesome!
  4. Great stuff! It’s funny but I was pondering doing that kind of block inlay myself recently, running all the way to the sides. Looks really tidy
  5. Thanks so much for the votes this month! And as always against wonderful competition too! Most honoured
  6. Very nice! The white makes it look really crisp, for want of a better word. Nice riffage too
  7. You say boring, but there’s nothing wrong with tried and tested designs. Can be less of a headache to do too I guess Looking great so far.
  8. This is my sixth build and its a custom of sorts for a friend of mine. It breaks from tradition in a number of ways. Firstly the neck is solid carbon fiber laminate from panels that I had just hanging around in the house. Ofcourse the rigidity of the material means no truss rod. Also there is no fretboard radius, this was a conscious decision based on the fact that it the neck is totally straight. Anyway here’s the specs! Carbon 01 Carbon fiber laminate neck Superglue finish Design - Bolt on (actual bolts, not screws...these were needed on account of the carbon fiber.
  9. Congratulations Matt! A lovely work of art and I’m sure a lovely instrument to boot. Well deserved.
  10. Congratulations Andy! And against awesome competition as always. It was a toss up between yours and the mandolin. Beautiful work!
  11. That last guitar has quite a cool finish! How did you achieve that? Is it copper?
  12. Aye sounds good. I’m in Stockton on Tees. Not sure where in terms of venue mind you. Will give it a look in to.
  13. Maybe there could be a forum meet up where everyone brings their guitars, shares tips, maybe a little jam etc. Just putting it out there! I’m in the UK but there could also be meet ups state side and elsewhere.
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