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  1. I've had one go in a week. You'll have to start selling on consignment and get local musicians playing them and get a reputation going, then stores will be interested in buying them directly if they know they can move your product.
  2. Constructive criticism: The whole body is off center.
  3. Great tip. I actually use that stuff at work - blue, red and green. Definately use the blue, or equivalent, it'll hold your threads, but you can easily loosen the nut when needed.
  4. No pics of the actual process, but I use the idle drum of a stationary beltsander.
  5. Something I remembered: Besides the registration fee, if you want to have a booth at NAMM, besides brochures/catalogues (which you'd need), the actuall price of the smallest booth, 10'X10', is $3000USD.
  6. Don't even bother with ebay, trust me. I'm surprized the local mom & pop stores wouldn't help out, that's where ALL my business has come from...I've only consigned my instruments though, were you wondering about the store buying the instruments off you? I've wondered about doing that. For suppliers get a business licence so you can get wholesale would be a suggestion. Maybe even talk with other small guitar companies about what they do. Like Wes said, lets see some of your work.
  7. I have a selection of trem, body, neck, pickup cavity, control cavity, pickguard templates adding up to 24, all made out of 1/4" MDF. There will soon be a few more for a neck-thru bass I wanna do.
  8. No they came like that, Im sure HomeDepot and the like would have them.
  9. I've used spade bits that have a rounded edge, instead of the pointed scoring tips. Gave a nice rounded look to the recess, and just hand sanded the transition of the top edge.
  10. First to vote!!!!!! Looks like a good month, good luck and great instruments everybody.
  11. Something else valuable, "ALWAYS CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATE" with ANY type of glue. I know for a fact titebond wood glue goes bad, as does a carpenter's glue Lee Valley sells, usually 6months - 1 year. Sometimes you can tell by the smell...
  12. Jeff reminds me of a guitar builder 'round here in BC, (I won't say any names, but I was told of him by a local professional lutheir who know's him personally) these guys both have the drive and want to be building guitars, but they (much more so Jeff) lack the actually skills needed to execute the construction of a quality instrument, like maybe they are missing some natural ability you can never learn. I've never said anything on Jeff's forum because I didn't want to be mean.
  13. I'm not sure, but you could just buy pre-polimerized oil. Here, just the headstock is painted. Here, this one was played for a few years buy the owner before I could get it back for these pics, a good example of how oil wears. The body of this is a Danish Oil. Here, the body is lacquered. All these. All these instruments are finished with THIS and THIS, except where otherwise noted.
  14. Here is an artical from a recent issue of a woodworking magazine. I don't have a scanner so I took a BIG picture. Oil finishing artical - very large.
  15. Well it doesn't say anywhere on the site that they are supposed to be two piece. I personally think StewMac is the place to buy tools, not wood. Only problem I've had was a slotted mandolin fingerboard had the slots only cut 1/3 the way into the board, not deep enough when radiused, but I just cut them deeper and never said anything about it.
  16. I once used pure tung oil by "bear" or some brand back in high school to finish a clock I made and it sucked. The stuff I use now is much nicer, I have the ability to spray poly and nitro but don't because I find it much easier to finish with oil and I like the results.
  17. Well said. All the guitars I've built except a solid wood body for my plywood body Strat have been original designs. Bingo, there's no reason to go after someone like us, we're not a threat, just don't rip-off logos.
  18. My original idea proved to work OK, but too much fine sanding dust from the edgesander would get through, so I decided to redo it when I got my thickness sander. Hooked up to edgesander. Hooked up to edgesander again. Hooked up to bandsaw. Blast gates and Y of the out take. Aircleaner as filter. Ducting coming from thickness sander. Ducting at thickness sander. Hooked up to thickness sander.
  19. I have changed the layout of it since I got a thickness sander. I now hook it up to each tool individually for maximum suck.
  20. I bought this one, it's a portable version. I currently have my homemade dust collector hooked up to it: a small blower motor from an oven hood is hooked up to each tool, and the dust it sucks out is shot through this thing which filters the sawdust, and cleans the air in the room at the same time.
  21. You remind me exactly of myself when I made my first few guitars nearly 8 years ago. If I still had any of them or any pictures you guys would get a kick outta them. Keep at it.
  22. I have three of those and notices the exact same thing, but I still use 'em.
  23. I was at the Canwest Woodworking Tool Show & Sale, or "Woodshow", today. I wasn't really looking forward to going as the show focuses mainly on tools then wood, and I have all the tools I now want, but I came across a booth of a guy selling figured maple. They call themselves Specialty Craftwoods, and said they sell to StewMac and PRS and the likes. They had some larger pieces, a few other spieces, as well as stacks of guitar billets, 2"X8"X22", of flamed and quilted which were all seconds. I did however find a few billets that were acceptable, and bought one, pictured in t
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