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  1. Ah ah so I send it to you in Finland? Thanks for the kind word! Kiitos.
  2. Some yellow birch I saw in the wood are very large and straight! But I'm not an expert for those tree. Honnestly, apart from the smell, sometime you cannot say the difference with maple! Same texture, same grain, same color as plain maple...
  3. SEL Birdseye Maple Here is my last just finished guitar. The build thread is here : Sorry I do not have good pic of the finished headstock (I lost some file), they were blurry and I'm waiting good outside light to make new pic... Here is the spec: -Birdseye laminated arched top -Solid figured yellow birch back and side (bent side) -Black Walnut Binding -Roasted Birdseye maple fretboard over maple neck -Mahogany/maple/mahogany center block -Maple pickup ring and sting retainer. Maple/black walnut/maple truss rod cap. -Vineham Whisky Burner bridge pickup and Vineham Rockabilly neck pickup. -Concentric Volume pot, master tone pot. -Gotoh tuner and bridge -25.5" scale lenght, 1"11/16 nut width -V to C neck shape -13"3/4 lower bout width body. She sounds like a 335 in the end, with a little more acoustic vibe!!!
  4. Here is the final guitar! Gotoh hardware, Vineham pickups (Whisky Burner bridge and Rockabilly neck), concentric Volume pot. I really like it, it's a pleasure to play it!
  5. And now some finishing process... The guitar is now drying for 2 week before levelling and buffing. I use Crystallac Brite Tone sanding sealer and finish. it's the first time I used it and if I knew it's so good, I would have bought it way before!!!! I really love this finish! I use a HVLP Fuji gun with 1mm needle. The pic are just the first coat...
  6. Thanks! I make different design but this one is my preferred!
  7. Some different glue action... And also sanding before the finishing process... Neck is V to C shape. I also try to avoid as much as possible to be dependant on hardware. So now I replaced string ferrules with real wood on the back and with small brass tube on the front. Really like the look!
  8. Here is the birdseye maple fretboard with black walnut binding. I cut the fret slots on my bench saw with the traditional jig, I think it's the fastest way to make this (way way faster than hobby CNC!!!). I use my "hobby" small CNC to cut the binding channel and the circle inlay. On this one, I tested to make inlay by mixing real crushed pearl with epoxy and epoxy pigment. I like the result but still prefer real pearl inlay!
  9. After much thinking, I decided to go with a bevel for the cutaway area. Because of the neck angle and the archtop curve and because I want the fretboard to be flush to the table top, there is always a small part in the cutaway where the binding do not fully mask the glue joint. So making the bevel is the best solution I found. Just a little more work and will be complicated with more complicated "multi-binding". I made a 45° angle jig to push the guitar cutaway against a 1" rotating sanding drum. Work great!
  10. Been a long time since I posted updates... I also make two reclaimed wood guitar parallel to this one. Reclaimed wood guitars allow me to test new curves, new stuff without paying too much attention to the "finish". But let's go back to this one... Here is the binding process. Only wood binding on my guitars. On this one it's some curly black walnut. I love black walnut, easy to work. :)
  11. Finally, let's go for Birdseye porn with this one, the fretboard will be roasted birdseye maple... I'm now ready to glue the top on the body... As I have 3 others projects at the same time, the update are slow...
  12. Can't decide for the fretboard yet... Marble wood, birdseye roasted maple, morado or indian rosewood... As the guitar binding would be made of black walnut, I'll probably go for the maple and add binding to the fretboard!
  13. Sadly it's my last piece of figured birch... Next one will be Quilted maple...
  14. Also the customer ask me for a different headstock than the one I was to do on this guitar. So I decided to go with a beautiful piece of quarter sawn mahogany. Here is the gluing of the ~15° scarf join...
  15. And for the eyes, some pic of the yellow birch back...
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